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Sunil Chettri bats for a healthy lifestyle at Fit India advisory meeting

Sunil Chettri joined fellow athlete Hima Das and actor Anil Kapoor at the sports ministry's annual Fit India Advisory Committee meeting

Sunil Chhetri of Bengaluru FC in action during Indian Super League match between Mumbai City FC and Bengaluru FC on 15 February. (PTI)

Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju on 17 February hosted the Annual Fit India Advisory Committee meeting in which some celebrities, athletes, and officials from the Sports Ministry took part.

The Fit India Advisory Committee was constituted at the launch of the Fit India Movement in August 2019 with the aim to exchange ideas, propose initiatives on how to propagate awareness about health and fitness among the citizens under the aegis of the Fit India Movement.

During the hour-long virtual meeting, many valuable suggestions were given by various Fit India icons and special invitees who stressed on the importance of right diet and food in one's life with especially with regards to fitness.

Actor Anil Kapoor said one needs to be aware of one's intake.

His thoughts were echoed by Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri.

"Diet and the food is really important as I was never taught as a kid what I should eat and now the biggest fight in my life is that I eat only what I need to eat and eat very less of what I want. In India people eat much more of what they want and don't think why they are eating and how is it going to help their body. So along with the fitness campaign we are doing, we also need to give information on what to eat and why to eat it and that will be a massive help," Chhetri said.

Actor Rannvijay Singh said he and Sunil Chhetri were childhood friends and even went to the same school. He said that their school played an important role in understanding the importance of fitness as "education one gets at home and school during childhood plays an important role in one's life".

"As a kid, we got a lot of encouragement from these two places, that we remain active in our lives and today it helps us a lot. As a kid, we really enjoyed those activities and that is exactly what I am incorporating in my life these days and making sure that it doesn't become a chore," Singh said.

Rijiju lauded the remarks of participants and referred to the progress that Fit India Movement has made.

"People like Hima and Sunil, who are from a sporting background, and have a different fitness level, when people look at them, they think they are athletes and for them fitness is important but they themselves don't need it. But when people like Chetan Bhagat, who is a is a known author, joins us and says something on fitness it really motivates people to take up fitness and understand its importance. It creates a ripple effect and that is why we need people like you from different walks of life (to be part of Fit India) and I am really excited that you all are part of the initiative," the minister said.

Some other prominent names who attended the meeting were sprinter Hima Das and weight management Specialist Sapna Vayas.

The meeting also discussed the roadmap for Fit India Mission activities and events for the next six months.

It was disclosed that from March, over 2,500 Fit India events would be organized across India.

    19.02.2021 | 10:00 AM IST

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