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Meet all your fitness goals with these great tips

The Lounge weekend fitness roundup brings you the best tips and advice to take your training to the next level

Have a fit weekend.
Have a fit weekend. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. In this weekly feature, we bring you a selection of the best fitness stories published this week in Lounge. We care about your fitness journey and so we endeavour to bring you the best advice that would have a positive effect on your training.

This week, we have three great stories for you. One is about the importance of doing compound exercises, one about the negative effects of doing fasted cardio exercises, and a third about the importance of working on your VO2 Max.

Why doing compound exercises is great for your fitness

While there has been an increase in the number of people becoming interested in leading a fit and active life, the variety of exercises and workouts that promise to get you there has also snowballed. While all kinds of workouts have something to recommend them, there are some basic exercises that never fail to hit the target.

One of these are compound exercises Simply put, these are moves that target multiple muscle groups at once. If you’re thinking of classic exercises like the pull up or burpees, you are actually thinking about compound moves. Read more about the four great compound exercises that you should include in your workout.

What is VO2 Max and how does it affect your fitness?

Another outcome of the explosion of interest in leading an active lifestyle is the mushrooming of fitness trackers. While some of the tracking that modern wearables offer are only useful if you are an elite athlete, there are a few basic things you should know about.

The most important of these is the VO2 Max. As writer Pulasta Dhar explains it, VO2 Max is basically a metric of how much effort you are getting out of the oxygen that you are breathing. It is important that you know about this, because it can help you lead a healthy life. Click here to read more.

Why women should avoid fasted cardio

When it comes to weight loss programmes, there are so many you can choose from. The main criteria for choosing one is if it work for you personally. And many of them, no matter how popular, are simply not good for you.

In this personal story, weight loss coach Jen Thomas writes about the time when she started doing fasted cardio. She had been promised ‘faster results’ if she did this, but what she found out was quite different. Click here to read more.

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