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Why Shreyas Iyer uses a glucose monitor and other stories

It's Saturday, and the Lounge fitness roundup is here to bring you news of new fitness trends as well as some great advice

Use your bodyweight to get fit.
Use your bodyweight to get fit. (Unsplash/Pedro Araujo)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you the best of the fitness stories published in Lounge that week, which you may have missed reading. As always, our aim is to bring you the best possible fitness advice that will help you trying better.

This week, we have some great stories for you. In fact, two of these stories focus on a new health and sports cult that seems to be sweeping the country: calisthenics. The other story that we highlight is about the rising use of glucose monitors.

Are continuous glucose monitors a new fad?

Internationally renowned athletes like the marathon man Eliud Kipchoge wear it. As does Indian cricketer Shreyas Iyer. And they are just the most visible faces. It seems that an increasing number of people, especially those who like to lead an active life, are using active glucose monitors to monitor their blood glucose levels.

In this fascinating story, Shrenik Avlani gets to the heart of these monitors and what they do…and don’t. He speaks to doctors, users, as well as the makers of these monitors to find out exactly what use they serve, and whether you need one.

The growing popularity of calisthenics in India

Two of Lounge’s fitness writers, Sohini Sen and Pulasta Dhar, wrote about the rising tide of popularity of calisthenics within a couple of days of each other. And despite the world of calisthenics being quite tiny in the country, Sen and Dhar actually ended up speaking to entirely different sets of people. This points to the fact that calisthenics, despite being in a nascent stage in India as a sport and a fitness training regime, there are enough people doing it.

Sen’s story focuses specifically on the women who are taking to the joys of bodyweight training that is offered by calisthenics. She charts the journey of two women, and how they started doing calisthenics, to the extent that one of them appeared in the Indian qualifiers of an international calisthenics championship earlier this year.

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Dhar’s story, on the other hand, focuses on the very young history of the sport in India, primarily through the eyes of one of it’s Indian stars, the five-time national champion Kunal Mahour. Dhar also writes about the how the world of international calisthenics is structured, as well as how Indian associations for calisthenics are trying to popularise the sport in India. A must-read!

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