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How to take care of your health this weekend

Has the festive week left you feeling stiff and low on energy? The Lounge fitness and wellness roundup is here with some great tips on self care

Get fit this weekend.
Get fit this weekend. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the weekend Lounge fitness and wellness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you a roundup of the best fitness and wellness stories that we published during the week. In case you missed them, this is your chance to catch up on some great reading.

Our aim at Lounge is to get you the best advice you can get, not only to ensure that you get more out of your training, but also to ensure that you are taking care of your health. To that end, we have got three very important stories for you this week. Read on to find out!

No, your life doesn’t stop because of menopause

Sadly, women’s health is a subject that is still not openly discussed, not just in India, but the world over. And this is seen very clearly when it comes to an important subject like menopause. As a result, there are many misconceptions around the subject.

In this excellent story, fitness writer and weight-loss trainer Jen Thomas talks about some of these misconceptions. Then she goes on to give some practical tips and basic information that will be of importance to you, whether you are going through menopause or if it is something that you’re wary of. 

Do you really need an Apple Watch Ultra

In the market of do-it-all fitness trackers the Apple Watch—and especially it’s latest model, the pro-level Apple Watch Ultra—gets a lot of buzz. Much of it is down to its premium positioning, Apple’s brand power and its cutting edge design. But if you lead an active lifestyle, how useful is it?

In this excellent review, writer Shrenik Avlani takes a closer look at the Apple Watch Ultra’s performance. He gives a detailed breakdown of the metrics in which the watch succeeds and the ones where it still lags behind the competition. If you are thinking of buying the Apple Watch Ultra, then you should read this first.

Get fit in a week with these great bodyweight workouts

And finally, here’s some straightforward fitness advice that you probably need after a week of partying, eating and drinking. If you’re feeling stiff, unfit and low on energy, well, this set of home workouts are just the ticket.

Fitness writer Pulasta Dhar curates a list of six full workouts for six days—all of which are bodyweight-based and need no additional gear. As Dhar explains, these workouts are perfect for boosting your mobility, stamina and strength. So read on, and give it a go!  

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