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How to stay fit this wedding season

Yes, the big Indian wedding can cause you forget your fitness goals temporarily. Our team of experts offers their take on it. 

It is easy to find time for a quick workout in your hotel room
It is easy to find time for a quick workout in your hotel room (Pexels)

The wedding season has arrived, and with it, all those late nights and endless buffets of greasy, heavy food. “As good as it sounds, this season also ushers in extra calories, along with the merriment,” says Delhi-based fitness trainer Meenakshi Mohanty. While you don’t want to be the boring friend who snacks on steamed vegetables and goes to bed at 10am while everyone else is chugging cocktails, there are ways to enjoy this season without going overboard.

“Balance is the key,” says Mumbai-based celebrity Pilates trainer Namrata Purohit. If you must eat that rasgullas, fried jalebi, and gulab jamuns, go easy on the main course, she says. “Or switch to a fruit dessert to appease your taste buds.” She also suggests filling up on vegetables, especially raw ones, on the days leading up to the major functions. “This helps your body to detoxify the toxins to keep digestion in check.” She also suggests choosing lighter drinks like gin and tonic or chasing heavier drinks with several glasses of water to prevent dehydration. 

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And yes, whatever happens, find time to move. “No matter if it’s 10 minutes or 4, indulge in light workouts to stay active,” says Purohit. While it is tempting to let go completely, promising yourself that you can start again after the wedding, it can completely derail your progress. “Light workouts will keep your fitness levels intact without having to start from square one,” she says. And you don’t really need a gym or any major equipment to get this movement in. “We often have to travel for weddings, leaving us with no access to our gym or dance studios or any other regular workout place,” points out Mohanty, offering several options that can be done in a hotel room or small space. 

Cardio exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, skipping or spot jogging don’t need much more than a small carpeted space or yoga mat, for instance. She adds that you can even opt for surya namaskars in your hotel room or strength train using a resistance band or filled-up water bottle. “There are many daily objects lying around us which can aid us with our exercises, including basics as towels or water bottles,”  she says, pointing out that setting a workout schedule and sticking to it is especially important since you’re eating overall, more calories. 

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While moving and trying to be balanced about food and alcohol is important, the most important thing is fixing your mindset and stress levels. “While you are out there amusing your taste buds, there is a little voice back in your mind making you feel guilty,” says Purohit. Letting go of this guilt is also important. “Your body tends to detect your anxiety, moods, and stress, hence releasing hormones that make you stress eat more than usual,” she says. “Promise yourself not to feel guilty, and you will get through fit during the wedding season.”

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