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How to break a sweat this summer

From eco-conscious runs to floating mat exercises, pick a trending workout to reach your summer fitness goals

Photo: Paul McMahon
Photo: Paul McMahon

Workout fads, though short-lived, can inspire some intrigue in these dulling summer months. Increasingly, gyms and fitness studios are mindful about introducing variety in their schedules through giant trampolines, indoor climbing walls, primal movements (animal flow) and pole swings. While the year’s most outlandish fitness trend, mermaiding—a pool workout conducted entirely in mermaid fins—is yet to land in the country, here are three other trending workouts to sample this summer.

For results-driven body sculpting: Physique 57

This New York-based boutique studio has been multiplying around the world since 2006, but has only just landed in India. Physique 57 offers an update on barre workouts by using Interval Overload training—short exercise bursts that use your body weight to build strength and flexibility. The exercises are designed around small but efficient movements, from thigh-burning pulses to barre-assisted seat positions, with an instructor firing timely encouragement at those losing the battle against trembling cores. Physique 57 promises a sculpted body in eight lessons, made possible through a mix of cardio, strength-building and stretch exercises. Find class details on

For a summer challenge: FloatFit

If sumo squats were not challenging enough, try performing them on a floating mat. Aqua Physical, a UK-based fitness company that developed the world’s first floating exercise mat (AquaBase) in 2015, also designed these 30-minute FloatFit classes. This pool-based workout uses a mix of yoga exercises and high-intensity Interval Training, and demands greater core participation than regular mat exercises. Introductory classes were held in cities across the country in March—to much Instagram success. While regular classes are yet to launch (look for updates on, instructor Pooja Arora will offer lessons in Bengaluru this June. AquaStrength, a fitness centre in Mumbai, also offers a version of floating-mat workouts at the Sofitel Hotel. For details, contact

For a workout with heart: Plogging

Photo: Instagram@ploggersofindia

This portmanteau of “plocka upp" (picking up in Swedish) and jogging makes just one demand on your fitness runs—pick up trash along the way. In the past few months, plogging has produced real-world results. In India, plogging runs have mushroomed in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, as well as smaller towns such as Trichy and Kodaikanal. “At every event, we collect around 1 quintal of plastic waste, which we then hand over to the municipal corporation," says Tarun Gautam, founder of Earthkids Foundation, an NGO in Mumbai that organizes weekly plogging events. Plogging not only guarantees better-looking streets but also offers fitness benefits to match. According to the Swedish fitness app Lifesum, 30 minutes of plogging, with its bending, stretching and lugging requirements, burns 288 calories on average, more than the 235 calories you would get from regular jogging. For event updates, follow @ploggersofindia on Instagram or Earthkids Humanity Foundation on Facebook.

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