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Go the distance with these running shoes

Whether you’re looking for a long run, speed runs or comfort, these new running shoes have you covered

Puma Ultraride.
Puma Ultraride.

If you are done baking banana bread and attending Zoom calls, you might want to take a break. And a run might just be a good idea—with the necessary precautions, of course. Whether it is inside your housing society, taking loops of the limited distance in a park or long distances on the road, running can help you clear your mind and offer a sense of peace in these stressful times. And to make those runs comfortable, you need a good pair of shoes.

We tried out three running shoes from this year’s launches to help you choose, depending on your favourite running format.

Asics Metaracer.
Asics Metaracer. (


If you like long runs, the Asics Metaracer is a good choice. The first thing you notice is that the shoe is extremely lightweight. This carbon-fibre plated distance running shoe has the toe-spring design of some of Asics’ earlier shoes, but this one has incorporated the new Cellulose Nanofiber technology that provides shock absorption and is great for propulsion. It has a snug fit and it is perfectly ventilated for those long- distance runs. Shoe breathability is vital because you can run for a longer distance without feeling the need to stop. The shoes offer fabulous grip and you can actually run through puddles and damp roads without fear of slipping.

Asics Metaracer Tokyo, 17,999,

Adidas Supernova.
Adidas Supernova.


The Supernova is a bright and comfortable shoe made with recycled material, which will earn Adidas bonus points from people who care about the environment. But even from a runner’s perspective, this is a great buy for casual or daily runs. The Supernova’s trademark Boost midsole ensures it’s pretty bouncy for runs done at a steady pace. The mesh upper makes it quite breathable, and you will feel comfortable even after a 10-12km run. The cushioning makes it easy to land softly on your feet, and protect your heels and knees. I wore it for semi-trail runs as well as on concrete roads and it was stable and powerful throughout.

Adidas Supernova, 9,999,


The first thing you notice in the Puma Ultraride is the bright pop of colour. A light and airy mesh upper lets your feet breathe but it could be a problem if you are running in the rain or on muddy ground. The toe box is a little wide but pair it with good running socks and you are set. There’s a 12mm heel-to-toe offset (the difference between the heel and forefoot height), so you get quite a lot of cushioning. If you are looking for a minimalist or barefoot feel, then these are not for you. The cushioning on the shoe is thicker from the heel to the ball of your foot, providing support during a run. It’s thinner under the toe, so the shoe is flexible for those bursts of speed. The midsole feels comfortable enough to push for speed.

Puma Ultraride, 8,999,

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