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Get your weekend fitness dose with three great tips

From the best fitness tech to exercise and lifestyle tips, we've got you covered with the Lounge fitness roundup

Here's your weekend roundup of the best in fitness.
Here's your weekend roundup of the best in fitness. (Unsplash)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge weekend fitness roundup. Because we value how serious you are about your fitness journey, every Saturday we bring you a roundup of some of the best wellness and fitness stories from the week.

This week, we’re shining a spotlight on three fitness stories that offer the perfect advice if you’re planning to get better at your performance and take your training to the next level. These include stories on fitness tech, as well as those on specific workouts.

How to exercise if you suffer from asthma

Many of us have had the misfortune of suffering from asthma as children. Although this is a condition that most of us are able to manage over time, it does often present a hurdle if we want to lead an active life and we don’t know how.

For this story writer and fitness enthusiast Shrenik Avlani speaks to medical professionals as well as fitness enthusiasts who’ve suffered from asthma to bring you a holistic view of how to workout despite having suffered from the condition. Read on, and get ready for an active, healthy life!

Four tech innovations that you can use to recover faster 

If you are serious about your fitness, you will know that an equal emphasis is placed on correct recovery, as it is on the workouts themselves. The recovery could be from an injury, or simply from soreness, but the bottom line is that it’s something you ignore at your own peril.

Now professional athletes have long been using some pretty cool tech to help in this process. Many of these innovations are now available for us fitness enthusiasts as well. In this story, Shrenik Avlani takes you through four such cool tech innovations that will help you recover well, and faster. Have a read!

Why you shouldn’t perform the upright row

As our ideas of fitness and workouts get better with each passing year, some of the old go-to exercises are being re-evaluated by science. And in doing so, we’re slowly finding out that some of them are actually detrimental to us, and that better alternatives exist.

One such exercise is the upright row. In this story, writer and football commentator Pulasta Dhar takes you through the reasons why this popular exercise may not be the best exercise for your trap muscles. He then goes on to show how three other exercises work on the same muscle groups without posing any threat of injury. Read on and learn something new!

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