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Get your fitness fix for the weekend with these great tips

We bring you excellent fitness tips and stories that will inspire you to train at your best and succeed on your path to fitness

Get your fitness fix for the weekend.
Get your fitness fix for the weekend. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you some of the top fitness and wellness tips from our crack team of writers. These are stories that you may have missed through the hurly burly of the week. But never fear, you can catch up on them here.

Every week, we try to bring you fitness advice you can use. These include pointers on how to improve your workouts, on specific exercises, as well as general stories the concern your health and wellness. Here are three stories that you shouldn’t miss.

The best workouts for strong shoulders

The shoulder muscles have a lot to do. Not only do they perform the very important function of powering your arms, but also that of stabilising your head and torso. On top of that, well toned shoulder muscles also ensure that you look good, so there’s an aesthetic quality as well.

In this article, writer Shrenik Avlani speaks to some of India’s top fitness coaches to bring you a comprehensive list of the best shoulder exercises out there. He also includes full shoulder workouts that you can incorporate into your weekly routine.

Remember to do these stretches after your run

More and more people are getting into running, and for good reason. It’s a great cardio workout in itself, and it encourages you to also devote your time to strength training, so you can run better. However, there is one aspect of running that’s often ignored: stretching afterwards.

In this article, writer Sohini Sen lists the reason why you should be diligently stretching after your run to get rid of soreness and prevent injuries. She also lists some of the best stretches you can do after your run, whether you have 2 minutes or ten. A must-read!

How ultrarunning helped an athlete heal

Not so long ago, ultrarunner Nupur Singh had hit her stride, participating in successive races and getting podium finishes, even as she became an even better athlete. And then, covid-19 struck and with that came a string of personal tragedies that took their toll on her running.

In this inspirational story, writer Shail Desai lays out the way that Singh overcame her travails to train for an ultrarun earlier this year and came up on top. There’s much that you can learn about grit, determination and training from Singh. Have a read! 

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