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Get strong this weekend with these five great fitness tips

Here's a roundup of five great fitness stories from Lounge this week. Full of important workout tips, they are sure to improve your training

Get strong this weekend.
Get strong this weekend. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to this week’s Lounge fitness update. Here at Lounge we have a bunch of talented fitness enthusiasts writing stories that you can use. These range from tips on training for specific sports, spotlights on isolation exercises and workouts, as well as fitness news that you might have missed. 

This week, we have picked five of the best fitness stories for you to read this weekend. Full of tips and advice, they will certainly add to your fitness journey. The stories range from the best workouts for training your core, back and leg muscles, as well as tips on avoiding injuring your adductor muscles if you’re a runner. 

The best workouts for a strong core.
The best workouts for a strong core. (Istockphoto)

Three great workouts for a strong core

Lounge fitness editor Bibek Bhattacharya is an avid trekker, and when he is preparing for a trek, he takes extra care to train his core muscles. As he says in the piece, “the two biggest fitness attributes that every hiker should possess are stamina and a strong core.” With this in mind, he recommends three excellent core workout videos on YouTube from some of the best online trainers. Check it out!

The best exercises to build a strong back.
The best exercises to build a strong back. (Istockphoto)

The best exercises for a strong back

Lounge fitness writer Shrenik Avlani argues the importance of the back muscles, not just in their contribution to fitness, but also to general wellbeing. After all, if you have a bad or painful back, you will find most things difficult to accomplish, even everyday moves like sitting down or standing up. Avlani speaks to fitness experts and lays out the best way to train your back, complete with multiple back workouts for beginners as well as for those are well advanced on their fitness journeys. Don’t miss it!

Spice up your workouts with these variations.
Spice up your workouts with these variations. (Istockphoto)

Spice up your workouts with these variations

It’s easy to get bored if you’re performing the same split and the same exercises week in, week out for months on end. There’s also the chance that, in doing so, your gains have plateaued. As fitness writer Pulasta Dhar writes, the easiest way to fix this is to make subtle, yet important, changes to your workout. These could range from altering your grip on a set of weights, or performing a familiar move in a different way. Variety is the spice of life, and Dhar’s recommendations will ensure that you’ll be looking forward to your next workout with great relish.

The best tips to avoid adductor injuries.
The best tips to avoid adductor injuries. (Istockphoto)

How you can avoid injuring the adductor muscles 

Mint journalist and fitness enthusiast Sohini Sen recently strained her adductor muscles while running, a painful experience that she’s still recovering from. As a dedicated runner, this led her to speak with medical experts on why this is a common injury that afflicts runners and how one can prevent them. Now, adductor injuries aren’t restricted only to runners but can occur to anyone who is following an athletic life. So these tips work from everyone. Go ahead and read it, and discover a pain-free life.

The best lower body workouts.
The best lower body workouts. (Istockphoto)

Get the most out of your leg day with these workouts

Bibek Bhattacharya returns with another set of great workouts, and these are designed to train your lower body. Quite shockingly, at least in India, leg days aren’t given as much importance as they should be. And if you don’t focus on your lower body, Bhattacharya writes, you will end up undermining your entire training routine. With this in mind, he presents three specific leg-day workouts: one with heavy weights, one with just a dumbbell, and one with resistance bands. So whether you’re working out at home, or in a gym, you can ensure that your glutes, hamstrings, quads and hips are getting the workout they need.

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