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Four tips to power up your weekend workouts

From mastering your lifting technique to the importance of the squat, here are four great fitness tips for the weekend

Get more out of your workouts with these fitness tips.
Get more out of your workouts with these fitness tips. (Istockphoto)

Another Saturday, another Lounge fitness roundup. Every weekend, we bring you some of the best fitness stories and advice that’s been carried in Lounge over the past week. We believe that since you’re doing the best you can to maximise your fitness goals, we should also do our bit by bringing you intelligent fitness stories you can use to get more out of your workouts.

This week we have four great tips that you need. These range from information on covid protocols to follow if you’re planning to run a marathon, how to master the correct technique for lifting weights, the importance of the squat and the advantages of having a workout buddy. Have fun!

How to follow covid protocols while running a marathon

Running events are slowly returning to India starting December, and organisers are leaving no stone upturned to ensure that all covid protocols are maintained. While it’s important that safety precautions are met, ultimately their success depends on the how participants conduct themselves during the run.

Fitness writer and running enthusiast Shrenik Avlani speaks to race organisers to find out how they’re expecting participants to conduct themselves. He also speaks to running enthusiasts who’re planning to participate and asks them about how they’re preparing for the races. This is an important read if you too are looking forward to running.

What is the correct technique for lifting weights?

As strength training gains in popularity, more and more people are lifting weights to get strong and look good. However, not knowing the correct technique for lifting weights can often lead to injuries as well as diminishing returns when it comes to outcomes.

With this in mind, writer Bibek Bhattacharya curates three videos which show you how to master your form when it comes to lifting weights. Start slow, get the technique right, and only then start training in earnest. If you were thinking about incorporating strength training into your workout, this is a great resource.

Why squats are a great way to increase strength and fitness

There are certain basic exercise moves which can be called the building blocks of fitness. Some of them you know very well, like the push up or the lunge. One of these moves is the squat, and it is probably one of the best moves you can perform for a full body workout.

In this article, writer and fitness enthusiast Pulasta Dhar digs deeper into the benefits of doing the squat, and he comes to the conclusion that this is a move that you should be doing pretty much every day. With this in mind, he tells you how to first master the squat and then add weights and variations to it to take your fitness to another level.

Why you need a workout partner

There are many fitness enthusiasts who are extremely good at self-motivation. This ensures that they don’t miss their workouts, don’t get bored, and find new ways to keep up their performance levels. However, many more people have found out the hard way that it’s hard to motivate yourself everyday.

Sohini Sen, who swears by CrossFit and running, writes about the perfect way to beat stay motivated: partner workouts. When two people workout together, they often end up motivating each other, and thus remain in touch with their fitness goals. Sen speaks to CrossFitters as well as runners and find out how partner workouts have helped them. 

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