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Four great exercises to help with your post-covid recovery

It's important to slowly regain your fitness once you've recovered from covid-19. Here are some excellent, mild exercises you can start with

Always remember to consult your doctor before doing any exercises after recovering from covid-19.
Always remember to consult your doctor before doing any exercises after recovering from covid-19. (Istockphoto)

In this article, we will focus on a few workout videos that will help you slowly regain your fitness after recovering from covid-19. However, here are some rules that you need to follow. First, you must not, at any cost, exert yourself beyond what your body permits. This will differ from person to person. Even those of you who were following a fitness regime before testing positive and have now recovered and tested negative, you need to exercise caution more than your muscles.

Second, exercising during recovery—even when you’ve consistently not been showing any symptoms—needs to be monitored and done after consultation with a physician. There are varying views on the internet, from doctors and fitness experts, on the pros and cons of exercising while recovering or having recovered from covid-19. However, the general consensus is that if you are still showing signs of the infection (like fever, body ache, fatigue and/or breathlessness), then you must take things very easy and focus on resting.

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“If you’re in isolation in a room which is well ventilated and your oxygen levels are normal, I would still say that till day 10 (after testing positive), you should not do any strenuous activities. Yoga and pranayams are good practices because those will relax the mind. In covid, there is something known as cytokines storm as late as day seven to 10. It is an inflammatory reaction caused by the virus which is why it is advisable to do only activities which do not pace up your (heart) beats,” says Dr Udgam Baxi, a general surgeon who has been managing up to 100 covid-positive patients per day in Vadodara’s largest covid-care hospital, where doctors from all backgrounds have come together to treat people during the pandemic.

Baxi adds that the range of physical activity will vary from person to person depending on the severity of the infection. “For mild cases, where the lungs don’t get damaged, it is okay to return to all forms of exercises and activities. Fatigue might happen initially if you return to your old routines, so work slowly up to heavier forms of exercise and don’t be surprised to be met with limitations.”

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Given these suggestions, it is also paramount to listen to your body, even as you attempt these four workouts which may help you slowly regain your fitness levels once you recover from covid-19. Again, remember to consult a physician before attempting any of these following exercises.

Gentle, relaxing yoga flow by Yoga With Adriene

This 20-minute yoga workout is true to its name. It works as a breathing exercise along with yoga moves aimed at relief and relaxation. Even attempting half the moves will make you more mobile, which is always good after long periods spent lying in a bed.

Pilates stretches for hip opening by MVMT With Cailin

Being alone in a room, mostly sedentary, over a period of two weeks can affect your hips in ways which will eventually lead to all kinds of joint pain, especially the knees and the lower chain. It is important to stretch the hips and take care of this all-important muscle group, and for that, this low-impact hip opener routine with Cailin is fantastic. The exercise flow is aimed at deep stretches which don’t need too much stress and most of them are done on the floor.

Active recovery workout by Fitness Blender

A recovery workout is as good a workout as any when you are slowly nursing yourself back to fitness after recovering from covid-19. This was the first proper 30-minute workout I did on the road to recovering from the virus, and completing it made me feel confident that my body can still move. There is always a feeling, even you were fortunate enough to suffer from a mild covid-19 infection, that you may never be able to move as you once did. However, this workout will dispel doubts about your fitness. Remember, exercise only after seven-ten symptom free days, and better still, after receiving a negative test.

30-minute low impact barre cardio workout by Move With Nicole

Barre is a form of workout which combines yoga, ballet, and pilates. You will need a chair for this because it is a low-impact, support-based workout which is just the right length for your body to get used to moving again. Incorporating stretches and pulses, this barre workout won’t make you sweat but will be just enough to push ahead towards your goal of more regular workouts.

People have returned to more strenuous exercises after recovering from covid-19, but remember to be patient as your body gets back to normal after fighting the infection. This is not to say you cannot return to your old lifting and strength training exercises, but take your time with this and be grateful to your body for the fight it put up and focus on convalescing.

Pulasta Dhar is a football commentator and writer.

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