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Five great workouts to help you stay fit through Diwali

If you're worried about overeating during the holidays, remember it's okay to indulge. Meanwhile, enjoy a guilt-free Diwali with these great workouts

Remain fit this Diwali with these excellent workouts.
Remain fit this Diwali with these excellent workouts. (Istockphoto)

While Diwali is great fun with friends and family coming together, it can get slightly difficult for fitness enthusiasts who keep a close eye on what they’re eating. Such can be the culinary delights of this festival that it is unavoidable, and probably even deserved, to give in to gluttony. But be ready for the guilt which might follow your fifth kaju katli

First, you need to tell yourself it’s okay to have a few bad days in terms of diet. Clearly this depends on the goals you’re chasing: gainers may wait for Diwali because it means more food, but those chasing weight-loss might want to make sure they’re burning at least some of the quickly-emptying mithai box. There are post-Diwali workout challenges, but it’s healthier to maintain some activity over the next few days rather than overcompensate afterwards. But if it gets overwhelming, and you start worrying too much over your habits in the festive week, then we have five workout videos to ensure you have guilt-free holidays.

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Jordan Yeoh’s 30-minute all levels workout: Yeoh’s workouts are intense but also fun, and with lots of room for variations from beginner level to advanced. The video gives an introduction to all these variations so you’re not left wondering when the exercises have to be done. Half an hour of hard work will make you feel pumped, refreshed, and slightly less full.

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Tom Merrick’s 20-minute full body flexibility routine: Even if you’re Diwali isn’t packed with savouries, it is still a time to relax and just be. Maybe the gym is closed, maybe you’re on holiday. While maintaining endurance and stamina is one thing, the lack of activity might mean you need to also work on your mobility. With nearly a million views, Tom Merrick’s 20-minute video is mainly a stretching routine with yoga poses that will help you keep those muscles nice and healthy while you take a time out from the weights. It will mean you are making the most of your rest days.

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HasFit’s 30-minute cardio kickboxing: Joshua and Claudia Kozak use their channel ‘HasFit’ for some excellent workouts. This one has only Joshua in it, but it’s a follow-along routine that I have been doing for the past few years and it is absolutely wonderful. Using punching, sommersaults, push-ups, kicks, and a brilliant warm-up to fire up all your muscles makes this a workout you can do anytime, anywhere, Diwali or no Diwali. The fun part is if you’re around family, all the kicking and punching can surely pull a few kids to join in. It’s a fun and happening workout.

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Juice & Toya’s 20-minute full body partner workout: If you’re indulging in food together, then it totally makes sense to workout together as well. Keeping one eye on the fact that most people will be with their close ones during Diwali, this partner workout is a great way to get rid of guilt together. With squats, pushups, and basic high-intensity exercises, the rest time keeps varying in this workout and the extra motivation that a partner can add to exercise should never be underestimated. It just takes 20-minutes as well.

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SaturnoMovement’s 50-minute strength, flexibility, and stability routine: Working out doesn't  mean sweating it out. While this video will make you sweat, it is primarily to focus on your core strength and stability. The moves might seem easy, but some of them are challenging, and the holds and core compressions will light up the full body. Saturno’s workouts include a lot of explaining of the exercises in between the workout which offers enough time for rest in between different moves. But it is still a follow-along routine, and will be over before you know it. 

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In case you haven’t noticed, the above videos are also in order in case you want a five-day Diwali from-home workout routine. With a mix of some cardio, strength training, and flexibility and stability mixed in, not only can you enjoy the festive season, but you can do it guilt-free for an investment of just 30-odd minutes per day.

Pulasta Dhar is a football commentator and writer.

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