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Five great fitness podcasts for you

Tired of watching fitness videos? It’s time to put on your headphones and get expert tips from the pros

Podcasts are an excellent way to gain deeper knowledge about fitness and wellness.
Podcasts are an excellent way to gain deeper knowledge about fitness and wellness. (Unsplash)

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. My love for the medium has been a slow-burning one, but now it’s come to the point where the minute I get interested in a subject, I look for podcasts on it. And believe me, there’s always one (or 50!) great podcast to listen to. I’m a podcaster myself, and as the host of the Mint Climate Change Tracker, I know just how difficult it is to keep a show engaging and how hard one needs to work to present useful information in an interesting way.

More so than other subjects, fitness podcasts, I believe, are more difficult to do well. First of all, our brains are wired to watch videos on fitness, not listen about it. And yet, once you start listening, you will probably learn more about wellness than from any follow-along workout video! Now, there’s plenty of great fitness podcasts out there, but I keep returning to the five I’ve picked for this list, because of the wide variety of fitness wisdom they offer. So read on and happy listening!

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The WAG Podcast

Michael Cazayoux is a CrossFit Games champion and the host of the Brute Strength podcast. The WAG podcast (the “WAG” in the title stands for “working against gravity”) is a separate wellness podcast that he co-hosts with his wife Adee Cazayoux. In this engaging podcast they discuss everything from body insecurities to the correct nutrition for performance and much more. I’d suggest that you listen to both podcasts!

Bulletproof Radio

Dave Asprey is more than just a fitness guy. He has been called a lifestyle guru, and that title suits him fine. He calls himself a “biohacker” and has written several books on fitness and nutrition, apart from founding Bulletproof, a fitness and nutrition company. His podcast expands on the larger theme of wellness, with episodes focusing on workouts, energy, sexual wellness and even intermittent fasting. His guests are specialists in their respective fields and the podcast’s engaging discussion of the subjects ensures that you learn something new with every episode.

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Muscles For Life with Mike Matthews

This is the podcast for you if you’re looking for some no-nonsense fitness advice. Mike Matthews is an American entrepreneur who owns the nutrition supplements brand Legion. He is also an engaging podcast host who talks you through perennial fitness issues like losing fat, correct form, six-pack abs etc. It makes for a great on-the-go listen.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

It would be unfair to call Ben Greenfield merely a "fitness expert". He is, among other things, a 13 time Ironman triathlete, a bestselling author, a human performance consultant, an ex-bodybuilder and an expert in nutrition and physiology. He is also an excellent podcast host, talking to other fitness professionals, medical practitioners and therapists the go beyond workouts and focus on overall wellness.

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Now Podrunner isn’t really a podcast, but a high-octane, one hour long music playlist for your workouts. It’s updated twice a month, and among other things informs its listeners of the average beats per minute (BPM) of the songs in the playlist. The most recent one, from 26 March is called "Power Stroll" and the music comes in at 121 BPM.

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