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3 great tips on how to work out in a smart way

The Lounge fitness roundup returns with three stories that will help you get the most benefits out of your training

Work out by learning martial arts.
Work out by learning martial arts. (REUTERS)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every weekend we bring you a selection of our fitness stories that you may have missed the first time around. Here at Lounge, we admire your quest to improve your training, so we bring you the best possible advice.

It’s no different this week, and we’ve got three great stories for you to read. This includes a story on why people turn to fitness, a story on martial arts-based workouts and more. Read on to find out.

Why an increasing number of people taking to the active life?

It’s never too late to start exercising. You must have come across that saying. But what are the specific reasons that inspire people to start training? The answers are diverse, but sometimes you can discern a common thread.

In this story, writer Shrenik Avlani speaks to people who turned to fitness in their thirties and forties to find out why they did it. He also speaks with fitness experts to find out the benefits of working out, no matter when you start out.

Punch, kick and box your way to ‘knockout’ fitness

One of the best ways to train is to play a sport. That way you’ll be working out in an athletic mode; also, playing a sport will force you to train with that sport in mind. When it comes to a sporting path to fitness, how about martial arts?

In this fascinating story, writer Tanisha Saxena writes about the increasing number of people who are taking up boxing or mixed martial arts to increase their strength, as well as getting in some good HIIT along the way. 

Warm up by using the RAMP method

Here at Lounge, we’re huge fans of warming up before a workout. We’ve done many stories on the subject, because far too many people don’t take the care to do so, and suffer from injuries as a result.

In case you want to figure out a way to remember all the things you need to do when warming up, use the RAMP method. In this extremely useful story, writer Pulasta Dhar takes you through the method and how to do it right.

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