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Great workout gear for the summer

The country is in the grip of heatwaves, so you need to ensure that you're keeping cool and hydrated while working out. To help, we have the perfect gear for you

Get the perfect summer workout gear.
Get the perfect summer workout gear. (Istockphoto)

With heatwaves sweeping through much of the country, it’s time to make some changes to your workout routine and turn to summer-friendly exercise and nutrition essentials. From supplements that can replenish the electrolytes, micronutrients and salts lost through sweat, to footwear that will leave your feet both feeling and looking cool, here is a selection of summer workout essentials for you to choose from. 

Tego yoga mats: It’s a good idea to avoid the heat and the sun for now. And if you don’t have to leave home at all, you take sunburn and heat stroke out of the equation completely. So, go back to the days of home workouts with yoga and other bodyweight exercises. You will need a decent yoga mat and Tego yoga mats have become rather popular in the last couple of years. 

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Unlike the cheap, decaying mats that you find in the gyms because of the rubbish foam they use, Tego yoga mats have a good build quality and provide firm cushioning. They are also heavy enough to stop the mat slipping around while you hold or transition through different postures. The mat comes with yoga-specific markings which guide you where exactly to position yourself on the mat for different asanas. From  2,299;

Luna Sandals: Sometimes, it certainly gets too hot to wear shoes and such days are already upon us. So, ditch the sneakers and running shoes and turn to a pair of sandals that allow your feet to breathe. Get a versatile pair that not only look cool but are suitable for workouts and running. Designed like huaraches, with vibram soles protecting your feet and providing plenty of grip, Luna sandals are a great option. 

An American barefoot shoes brand that assembles its shoes in the US, Luna’s sandals are on the expensive side but are very versatile and can be used for everything from hiking to swimming and running as well. They also look good, especially the all-black version. When it comes to soles, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on the primary use you want to put them to. From  8,100;

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Summer workout wear: You definitely need clothes that don’t leave you sweating the minute you put them on. What you do need are either the sweat-soaking athleisure dry fit fabric or airy, soothing cotton material. Uniqlo’s Airism range offers great options in cotton tops and tees for both men and women while HRX, Bliss Club and Tego are great homegrown brands that have pocket-friendly dry fit tops. 

Among global brands, Alo Yoga (available on Nykaa Fashion) and Gym Shark (sold on Myntra) are great alternatives to the regular big brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma. As far as bottoms are concerned, men will find good shorts from Uniqlo and Gym Shark. For women HRX, Alo Yoga, Gym Shark and Uniqlo have a wide variety of workout shorts, leggings, tights and sports bras. From  300.

Swimming memberships: If there is one thing you ought to do this summer, is to enroll for swimming lessons. Swimming is one of the most sought after Olympic sports and it is likely to witness some great contests, new records and heroes. There is no better time to make swimming a part of your fitness routine as you will find inspiration from some of the best in the sport. Swimming is one of the best full body exercises which is low-impact on your body and joints and helps tone muscles. It is great for cardiovascular health, helps gain strength and manage weight as well.

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Hydration supplements: What with the heat, you should be taking hydration supplements on a daily basis even if you don’t exercise or play any sport. Including homemade sweet and salty lemonade as part of your daytime water consumption is the bare minimum you can do. 

If you are active, then anything from good old Glucon-C and Glucon-D or Gatorade is a good way to replenish the salts, minerals and vitamins that you are losing as you sweat. Sports-specific hydration supplements like Enerzal and workout-friendly supplements from Fast&Up are needed if you are training or playing any sports in this heat. From  50.

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