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3 great strength training tips you should use

From one of the best shoulder exercises to the some of the most powerful moves you can make for strength, here are some great workout tips

Three great fitness tips.
Three great fitness tips. (REUTERS)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every week, we bring you the best of our fitness stories, so if in case you missed them the first time around, you can catch up on them now.

At Lounge we believe in your fitness journey, and that is why we endeavour to bring you the best possible advice and tips to improve your training. This week, we have three hardcore workout stories—on the importance of doing the landmine press, the best plyometric exercises you should be doing, and the benefits of working out barefoot.

Why you should try the landmine press for a full body workout

We have been focusing on bringing you the safest shoulder workouts that you could be doing. Not only do these do the basic job of increasing your muscle gains and strength levels, but also do so while ensuring that you don’t suffer any injury.

In this story from writer Pulasta Dhar, we bring you one of the best such exercises: the landmine press. In the story, Dhar takes you through the basics of the press and why it’s great. He doesn’t stop there though; and tells you how the landmine press can be used to exercise not just your shoulders but your whole body.

5 explosive exercises that will double your strength

While it is extremely important to work with weights on strength training, there is another aspect of fitness that we usually end up ignoring. And this is athletic fitness, for which we should focus on plyometric exercise.

As writer Shrenik Avlani explains, plyometric exercises are also often called “explosive exercises”, because they force your body to use power and body mechanics for better overall fitness. Avlani lists five such exercises that you can very easily include in your routine. A must-read.

The benefits of working out barefoot

While there is much to be said about having the right kind of footwear for specific kinds of workouts and sports, you could also just go without shoes. Yes, we are talking about the world of barefoot training.

In this extremely informative article, Pulasta Dhar tells us why so many athletes around the world prefer to run and train while barefoot. One of the primary reasons is because doing so makes the best physiological use of our feet. But of course, there’s more to it. Click on the link above to read.

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