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3 fitness tips that you need to try this weekend

The Lounge Fitness roundup is back to ensure that you have a fit, fun and active weekend

Stay active this weekend.
Stay active this weekend. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. This week we published a number of interesting and useful articles on health and fitness, and in today’s roundup, we bring you three tips that will definitely make your training routine better.

Here in Lounge, we care for your fitness journey, and we want you to get the most from all the hard work that you put in. So, just in case you may have missed the stories during the week, here’s a quick recap.

What is Zone 2 training and why you need to do it

Back in the day, the received wisdom was that if you needed to practice for a sport, like, for example, running a marathon, the only way to do so was at race pace. Thankfully, such useless expenditure of energy has been debunked, though some people still tend to train that way.

So how do the smart people train? They do so using something called Zone 2 training. In layman terms, that means training at a pace that allows you to have a conversation while working. So, easy on the intensity, but no letting up on the consistency. Read this article by Shrenik Avlani to know more about it.

How to stay fit while travelling

While building up consistency in training is hard work, slacking down on the pace takes next to no effort at all. Sometimes all it takes to lose your fitness is to go on a trip and forgetting to train. And while this may be true about a vacation, it’s certainly true when it comes to work trips.

But, as Shrenik Avlani writes in this article, this doesn’t have to be the way. You need not do your normal workout, but you can easily find a fun way to stay active everyday. So read on for seven great ideas to stay fit while you’re travelling.

Should you do your ab exercises before or after your main workout?

It’s a good idea to do at least some exercises to work your core everyday, no matter what your main workout routine for the day may be. But whether you’re doing a leg workout or a chest workout, should you exercise your core before or after the main workout?

While there are supporters for both the before as well as the after school, the best way to choose is to logically evaluate the objective of the workout. In this excellent story, writer Pulasta Dhar goes over all the options before giving the verdict. A must-read.

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