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Fitness: Stock up on these winter workout essentials

With winter setting in, you will need to make some tweaks in your workout gear. Here are five great products you can use

Winter workout gear.
Winter workout gear. (Istockphoto)

Winter is coming. And, when winter comes, it brings with it new products to help you refresh your look, and even help you exercise in a better, smarter way. Since an active and healthy lifestyle is being adopted by an increasing number of people with each passing day, both Indian companies as well as foreign ones are responding to the growing demand by launching plenty of exciting new products. Here are some that stand out this season.

Coros Pace 3: Ever since marathon running megastar Eliud Kipchoge sported a green Coros, this GPS sports watch has become a cult favourite, giving market leaders like Garmin plenty to think about. The new Coros Pace 3, which launched in September, has taken all that was good a step further. 

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It features a unique “breadcrumb” navigation tool, which means you take it for a hike, and it will guide you easily back home. It has a robust battery life and excellent GPS tracking. The metrics are as good as any Garmin, it looks great, comes in sporty straps that are better than Garmin’s rubber straps, and the best part is it has a rotating crown that you can use to control on-screen functions. The cherry on top is that Coros Pace 3 is priced much lower than many of its direct competitors. $229;

Uniqlo Stretch Dry Sweat Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie: It’s hoodie and sweatshirt time again after a long, searing summer. There are plenty to choose from but I prefer one that displays no brand logos at all and yet doesn’t break the bank. Uniqlo has a great activewear range and Roger Federer used to wear this brand towards the end of his career. So, Uniqlo has the technology and capability to make clothes for the best sportspersons in the world. Its Dry Stretch Sweat full-zip long sleeve hoodie is a great choice.  3,990;

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Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 GTX: Trail running is picking up in India and you do need a good pair of shoes to tackle uneven and technical terrains. The good thing about trail shoes is that they double up as hiking shoes; and if they have an additional Gore-Tex upper, they can become your go-to cold weather footwear. 

Typically, most brands have a very small selection of trail running shoes compared to regular running shoes, and even fewer are available in India. Nike’s most popular running shoes line Pegasus has a trail offering that holds promise. The Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 GTX comes with a Gore-Tex upper, which makes it suitable for winter months as well as for hikes. It is a versatile shoe to have in your sports gear cabinet.  14,995 onwards;

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Build Prowl Hydro Active Iso 8 Whey Isolate: There are plenty of new protein supplements launching in the market these days and I have tried some of them. I was pretty happy to switch from the usual Ultimate Nutrition, MuscleTech, GNC and Optimum Nutrition protein shakes to Fast&Up protein as my post-workout supplement till a friend made me try the Prowl whey isolate. It tastes so much better than anything else on the market, and dissolves easily in water without leaving lumps. It tastes so good that one can actually enjoy this as a standalone drink on its own.  1,999 onwards;

The Good Bug’s Bye Bye Bloat: No fitness journey is complete without good gut health, so I recently tried The Good Bug’s Bye Bye Bloat, which contains gut-friendly bacteria that helps reduce bloating. You need to have one sachet per day on an empty stomach. I got the two-month pack as the website claims that it requires six to eight weeks for long-term reduction in frequent bloating and gas. The website also has links to a couple of studies published in international journals that demonstrate how the ingredients help and improve gut health. After using it for two months, while working out regularly simultaneously, it did help reduce bloating for me. It is worth giving it a try.  629 onwards;

Shrenik Avlani is a writer and editor and the co-author of The Shivfit Way, a book on functional fitness.

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