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Two useful secrets on how to get the most out of your workout

The Lounge Fitness roundup is back with useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your exercise and workout routine

Get the most out of your fitness routine.
Get the most out of your fitness routine. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Here at Lounge, every weekend, we bring you a selection of our fitness stories that you may have missed through the week. With the festive season well and truly underway, we are aware that your fitness regimen may suffer a blow with all the partying. We’re here to help you avoid this.

However much the temptation may be to extend cheat days into cheat weeks, the problem is that once inertia sets in, you will have to start again from scratch, and that is never a good idea. With that in mind, this week we have a story on how you can smuggle in your cheat day on a day you actually workout. In our other story, we tell you about the efficacy (or the lack of) using food products that are marketed as a way to lose weight.

Can drinking green tea help you burn fat and lose weight?

It’s not just green tea. A multitude of food products—from protein bars to cup noodles—are marketed as things you can consume that will magically help you lose weight. It doesn’t make any scientific sense, but could it be true?

In this story, writer Shrenik Avlani talks to doctors and nutritionists to get to the bottom of these claims. And guess what? They’re just as bogus as they sound. What the article tells you is how to follow a nutrition and exercise path that will actually help you lose weight and burn excess fat.

Why leg day can also be a cheat day

There’s a funny term that appears in this story that many of you may be unaware of: bro science. This phrase describes all the received wisdom that is passed off as actual scientific advice amongst gym bros. As writer Pulasta Dhar says, 99% of it is absolute rubbish, but a few bro science nuggets may have a grain of truth.

One such is the idea of eating your cheat meal on the day you workout your legs. Dhar delves into scientific studies to reveal that this can work, because we tend to spend more calories when working out leg and glute muscles, which are large muscles. But even then, it is not as simple as eating a gigantic burger after working out.  

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