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3 great fitness ideas for the summer

The Lounge fitness review returns with some excellent tips on how to beat the heat and get fit this weekend

Get fit this summer.
Get fit this summer. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Here at Lounge, we care deeply about your fitness journey, so every week we try to bring you the best possible fitness advice.

This week too we published a bunch of extremely useful articles, and here are three that we feel you should especially read. The first is about how India Inc. in encouraging employees to get fit, the second is about doing challenging workouts with light weights, and the third is about essential summer workout gear.

How Indian firms keep their employees healthy

Ever since the pandemic, Indian companies have been taking extra care to ensure the health and mental wellbeing of their employees. The thinking behind this is tied to the simple idea that a happy and healthy employee equals a happier and more productive worker.

In this story, writer Shrenik Avlani speaks to a number of companies to find out more about the initiatives that they have been pursuing, especially that of setting up sports leagues. A must-read.

How to do a challenging push workout with light weights

It is now a widely recognized fact that in order to challenge yourself and get more fit, you need to mix up your workout. Never let your muscles get used to a long-standing and stale routine.

As writer Pulasta Dhar explains in this story, one of the easiest ways to do so is to shift to lighter weights and start doing more challenging workouts. Whether at the gym, or at home, you can do these anywhere, and enjoy the difference.

Great workout gear for the summer

Now that summer is here and heatwaves are sweeping across the country, it is extremely important that you make a seasonal change to your workouts and, as a result, to your workout gear.

In this story, Shrenik Avlani brings you five products and health ideas that you will definitely benefit from. It is time to change with the season, and we have just the products for you.

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