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Fitness: Four great ways to beat muscle soreness

As we step into the new year, say no to muscle soreness with these great new massage tools

Say goodbye to post-workout muscle soreness.
Say goodbye to post-workout muscle soreness. (Istockphoto)

If there is one thing you don’t want in 2024, it is an excess of soreness after playing a sport or performing a workout.  While stretching and sports massage would certainly help in keeping the post-activity pains away, we are often lazy about stretching and don’t often get the time with a sports masseuse. However, that shouldn’t put you off from taking your recovery seriously. There are plenty of DIY options in the market today, and here are some you might want to add to your wish list for the new year.  

Therabody Recovery Pulse Calf sleeve: Therabody is the company behind the popular percussion massage gun Theragun. Specialising in recovery technology, the company has been working in elite sports for a while now. The Recovery Pulse is a portable version of its leg recovery system—especially for your calves—which are often the most painful spot for runners or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet at work. 

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Also, unlike the leg recovery system, this calf sleeve uses compression and vibration to massage the calf muscles. This increases blood flow to the area, while removing the lactic acid build-up for quick relief. The best part about these calf sleeves is that they are sleek and can easily fit into your carry-on bag for the weekend race day trip. 

Truvaga: New research shows that the vagus nerve has a profound effect on our stress levels, sleep and, even, depression. There are two vagus nerves on each side of our body running from the lower brain, through the neck, and all the way down to your stomach. Stimulating these can relieve stress, help you sleep better and it can be used to treat depression as well. 

Truvaga is a portable non-invasive handheld vagus nerve stimulation device. All you need to do is put it against your neck for two minutes to activate the vagus nerve. Since it lowers stress and helps in better sleep, it is a great device for all those who are active. Lower stress levels and better recovery means a healthier and fitter you, as well as better performance every time you go out and play or exercise.

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Hyperice X Shoulder: Whether it’s regular gym, Crossfit, HIIT, weightlifting, boxing, climbing, playing racquet sports or even playing cricket (especially bowlers), your shoulders are usually always overworked. While the percussion massage guns do relieve some of the shoulder pain, it is often difficult to reach the rear of your shoulders if you are the one wielding the massage gun. This Hyper X Shoulder attachment solves that problem. It looks futuristic, fits snugly on your shoulders and delivers hot, cold and contrast therapy on demand whenever you need it. It is pricey but it is effective. There’s nothing like lifting the weight off your sore shoulders to feel refreshed and ready to go.  

ARC Cold Rush 2.0: Looks like Huberman its finally hitting peak popularity in India. Cold plunges are trending in the country lately. You don’t need to go to a spa or sports club as long as you get yourself a ARC Cold Rush 2.0 tub. It fits an average size human, so all you need to do is unpack it, take it to the bath, fill it up and take a cold plunge. Put it away once done. It’s as easy as that.

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