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3 great fitness tips for 2024

The Lounge Fitness roundup is here, with three great tips to make your training better than ever in the new year

How to stay fit in 2024.
How to stay fit in 2024. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to the final Lounge Fitness roundup of 2023! We hope you had a fantastic year filled with personal growth and fitness milestones. Here at Lounge, we had an excellent year bringing you’re the best advice in health and fitness, so you get the best out of your training.

And for one final time in 2023, we bring you the best stories of the week that you may have missed. This week we have stories on making better resolutions for the new year, why you should indulge yourself and how to get better fitness content in your social media feeds.

In 2024, shift your focus from weight loss to better fitness levels

One of the most common reasons why people join a gym is weight loss. And while unrealistic representations of body aesthetics in popular media is to blame for this, it is high time the people start exercising for the right reasons.

And what might that be? Writer Shrenik Avlani speaks to fitness coaches and experts to bust the myth that BMI or weight is the true marker of fitness. It isn’t of course, and in 2024, resolve to join a gym for the correct reasons—strength, mobility, and stamina. Read this excellent story to find out more.

Why it’s ok to indulge yourself during the holidays

Too much of anything can turn toxic, and that holds true also for fitness training. Just because you have been extremely disciplined about your workout and nutrition for the entire year, doesn’t mean that you should feel guilty about indulging yourself during the holidays.

In this very timely story, writer Shrenik Avlani speaks with fitness enthusiasts and trainers about why it is extremely important that you should do the things that bring you joy. If you don’t want to turn into a charmless fitness freak, read this story.

The best fitness Instagram accounts of 2023

Let’s face it: social media is no good. The mindless feed spat out by some AI algorithm saps at your energy, makes you brain dead and leaves you incapable of any creativity. Doom scrolling is so-called because it really does end up leaving you nihilistic.

However, if you have to use social media, do so in order to follow some really cool and helpful fitness accounts (especially on Instagram), run by some great coaches. In this fun story, writer Pulasta Dhar brings you five great accounts that you should follow in 2024. 

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