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Have a fit weekend with these running and workout tips

The weekly Lounge Fitness roundup is here with some great tips to help you achieve your training goals

Get more from your workout with these tips.
Get more from your workout with these tips. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup! We value your fitness journey and all the hard work that you put into it. And that is why we strive to bring you the best fitness and wellness-related advice that we can. 

Every weekend, we also bring you the pick of the stories that we published through the week. That way, in case you missed it the first time around, you can read it now. In this week’s selection, we have two stories on how to prepare for long distance races like marathons and triathlons. And we also have a third story on the best shoulder workouts.

The real reason why marathon records are tumbling

The weather is slowly turning towards cooler temperatures, and that means it is time to prepare for marathons! The running season is here, and many among you must be preparing for races. Well, if you are looking to improve your running timings, here is something you should consider.

And that something is carbon plated running shoes. Yes, they’ve been around for a few years now, but they are everywhere now. What’s more, they seem to be the main reason why running records are tumbling every year. In this story, Shrenik Avlani gives you the lowdown on the most cutting edge carbon plated shoes out there.

How athletes train for triathlons like the Ironman

The Ironman 70.3 will be held in Goa tomorrow, and we thought that this would be a good time to talk about the kind of training that athletes undergo in order to participate in a triathlon. 

In this story, writer Shail Desai speaks with two athletes who will be competing at Ironman tomorrow. We are pretty sure that you will learn many new insights on how to workout and train after reading about how these two athletes prepared themselves.

The best shoulder workouts for strong muscles and healthy joints

It’s always a pleasure to bring you a proper workout story, and this explainer on shoulder workouts is an extremely useful one. Shoulder workouts are important, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

All the more reason why, as Pulasta Dhar writes in this story, why you should be paying extra attention to the specific exercises that you need to perform, as well as how you should prepare your muscles for all that work. This explainer tells you how.

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