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Do these stretches for better flexibility and mobility

Say goodbye to stiff muscles and hello to better flexibility and mobility with these stretching exercises

Make stretching exercises a part of your daily life
Make stretching exercises a part of your daily life (Istockphoto)

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I’m a huge fan of stretching. I’ve written earlier about how doing daily stretches should be an essential part of your life, whether or not you workout. Of course, most people who do exercise regularly would know the importance of warm-up and cool down stretches. These respectively prepare your body for exercising and then help you soothe the stiffness and tightness that you might feel immediately after working out.

In this piece, I recommend three separate stretching routines that you should incorporate into your day-to-day life. These range from a general stretching routine to improve your flexibility and mobility, one that targets stiff, painful hips and finally one that ensures you have good posture. Remember, none of these routines are a substitute for consulting a doctor if you have serious medical issues. But these are great for just loosening up your body and getting rid of stiffness. 

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The first of these is a general 15 minute stretching routine that will help you work out those kinks from your muscles. Fitness trainer Mady Morrison’s routine is a follow-along that is excellent for improving your flexibility and mobility. A great way to do this is to include this in your daily workout schedule. If you have your own warm-up and cool-down routines, then you can also do these on your days off, just to get rid of the soreness  in your muscles.

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When it comes to quick physical therapy videos that can target specific areas of your body that are hurting, you should check out Ask Doctor Jo. The trainer and physical therapist has multiple routines that focus on specifically on stiffness. This particular video, which focuses on stiff hips, is excellent. If you’ve been leading a fairly sedentary life and your hips and back are hurting, then the seven stretches that Doctor Jo shows can provide a lot of relief.

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Finally, as I’ve said earlier, many of our persistent aches and pains are a result of poor posture. Remember, the human body is designed to function in a particular way, and slouching on a couch, or on a chair for that matter is not a good way to treat it. But sometimes, despite our best intentions, we just forget. Physical therapist Jared Beckstrand’s video goes a long way to show just what’s wrong with your posture and how you can correct it. Fix the position of your head, your shoulders and your spine with these excellent little exercises.

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