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Become a better runner with these excellent fitness tips

In our weekly fitness roundup, we bring you some excellent tips that will help you perform better and also help with be more mindful

Have a great workout this weekend.
Have a great workout this weekend. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another issue of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every Saturday, we bring you the pick of the fitness stories published in Lounge the previous week. Here at Lounge, we want you to get the most out of your training, and so we aim to bring you the best fitness advice we can.

This week, we have three great stories for you. Two of these stories are about running: One of these talks about the latest trends in the world of running, while another goes in-depth on how to train if you want to go for trail running. Finally, we include an important story about how fitness can help with mental health.

The big trends in the world of running

At Lounge, we try to bring you a lot of useful advice when it comes to running. Whether you are a weekend runner or a serious running enthusiast, there is something for you all. This week saw the annual Global Running Day, so we decided to bring you up to date on what’s happening in the world of running.

In this story, running enthusiast and writer Shrenik Avlani goes into details about some of the major trends, like in the field of fitness trackers that can help you improve your runs, different types of shoe tech that’s out there, as well as new innovation in garment design that’s of use to women runners.

How to train for trail running

While it’s relatively straightforward to go for a run on a paved track or on a road, how do you prepare for trail running, on natural tracks. Trail running is a pursuit that’s becoming increasingly popular in the country, but there’s surprisingly little information out there.

In this story runner and writer Sohini Sen speaks to experts to find out how trail running involves different challenges from regular running, and the things you should be mindful about. She also brings useful advice on how to train for trail running.

How fitness can help with your mental health

One of the most important developments in recent times has been the recognition of the importance of mental health. More and more people, whether they’re ordinary folks like you and me, or elite athletes, are focusing as much on taking care of their mental health as their bodies.

But how does fitness actually help with mental health problems? It’s a grey area, but an increasing number of psychologists are including fitness regimens in the bouquet of treatments for mental health problems. In this story, writer Pulasta Dhar looks at the available scientific research and also speaks to doctors and specialists to give you the whole picture. A must-read! 

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