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3 great home workouts that will supercharge your strength

If you don't like going to gyms but love to be fit, these three excellent home workouts are just the ticket

Work on your fitness in the privacy of your home.
Work on your fitness in the privacy of your home. (Istockphoto)

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I don’t like going to gyms. Period. I don’t like the hassle of actually having to go somewhere to workout, nor do I like the super-competitive atmosphere of gyms. I have no fondness for using gym equipment that other people have just left their sweat stains on, nor do I have any patience with having to wait to perform my exercises because someone else is in the way.

Most of all, what I dislike about gyms is the lack of privacy. Now, this is totally subjective, but I find that I perform exercises better when I am doing so in the privacy of my own home, with a well laid out plan that I will finish in the required time and get back to my daily life.

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These days it’s actually quite easy to do your workouts at home, without having to worry about the lack of an instructor. There are several amazing instructors on You Tube, and you can easily make a routine for yourself, based on expert advice. I would recommend that you consult with an instructor every now and then to ensure that you’re on the right path, but in my case, I’ve found that even that’s not entirely necessary.

Fitness takes many forms. Ok let me put it this way, what we often loosely term fitness, is a combination of three important things: strength, endurance and mobility. A good workout split (an ordering of days of training and forms of training) focuses on all three aspects, and that’s what makes you fit. So, I thought I’d get you three excellent You Tube workouts that help you do the strength part.

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Daily bodyweight strength training:Let’s start with the easiest and most basic form of strength workout: the bodyweight workout. For this, you don’t need any weights or other equipment. And, as far as even bodyweight exercise go, the workout detailed in the Tone and Tighten isn’t even very challenging. But it’s definitely very effective, especially when it comes to improve your functional fitness.

Full body workout with dumbbells:As a home workout fanatic, let me tell you, dumbbells are your best friend. For most types of workouts, all you need is two sets of dumbbells, one lighter set and one heavier set. The sky is the limit, when it comes to the quality of training you can achieve with even just a pair of dumbbells. If you have them, head over to this excellent full body strength workout from trainer Heather Robertson.

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The structured home workout plan: This is one of my favourite fitness You Tube channels: Athlean-X, run by Jeff Cavaliere. When the covid-19 pandemic first hit big, in March 2020, fitness enthusiasts across the world found themselves at a loss, with no gym to go to. So Cavaliere devised this excellent weeks-long workout plan which took into account each of the three aspects of fitness. This fantastic home workout split remains a fantastic option.

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