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3 great fitness tips you can use to get stronger

In this week's Lounge fitness roundup, we bring you a review of the Hypervolt 2, and help you develop your overall strength and performance 

Great fitness tips you can use to get stronger.
Great fitness tips you can use to get stronger. (Istockphoto)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every Saturday we bring you the pick of fitness stories published through the week in Lounge. It is our aim to bring you the best advice possible to elevate your fitness training to the next level, and we hope that you find our stories useful.

This week, we have some interesting stories for you. First up is a user review of the Hypervolt 2, a massage gun that is making waves. Next up, is a think piece on why you need a strong back. And finally, an all-action piece on how and why you need to do chin-ups.

Hypervolt 2: An effective, but expensive, cure to soreness

The downside of leading an active life is the pain and soreness that comes with it. Much of this can be avoided by ensuring that you stretch out your muscles after a workout. However, that doesn’t completely take care of knotted muscles and the like.

Since you can’t always go to a therapist for a deep tissue massage, you could always get a massage gun, the Hypervolt 2 to be precise. Endorsed by leading sports stars from around the world, including Virat Kohli. In this in-depth user review, Shrenik Avlani takes you through the pros, and cons, of the device.

Why you can’t be fit without strong back muscles

Every muscle group in the body is important, and if you’re into fitness, you need to know this and train accordingly. However, one set of muscles that don’t often get the workout they need are the back muscles.

In this piece, Bibek Bhattacharya draws on his own fondness for trekking and outlines how training his back muscles have always helped him. He then outlines two excellent strength workouts for the back. Don’t miss it.

Chin-Ups Vs Pull-Ups: Why you need to do both

The pull-up is one of the most popular strength exercises, and for good reason. However, one exercise that is somewhat similar, but in many ways much tougher, the chin-up, is often neglected. However, it is one of the great all-round full-body strength moves.

In this excellent piece, Pulasta Dhar tells us why that is so, including going in-depth into the technique of the move and the muscle groups that it affects. If you wanted to understand why the chin-up is loved by athletes and fitness trainers, then you must read this.

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