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3 great fitness tips to help you avoid injury and get strong

In this weekend's Lounge fitness roundup, read about superfoods that help you heal, an exercise that is a full workout and a review of the best fitness tracking smart watch

Say hello to fitness.
Say hello to fitness. (Unsplash/Mor Shani)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. At Lounge, we want you to get the most out of your training regime. As a result, every week, we bring you the best fitness and wellness advice, so that you can lead a happy, active and injury-free life.

This week, we bring you a pick of the three best fitness stories that we feel you should read. This includes one on the kind of food you need to eat when you’re recovering from an injury, a how-to guide about the Turkish get-up and our in-depth user review of the new Garmin Forerunner.

What you eat during an injury can help you heal

We all know the importance of proper physiotherapy and rest when it comes to recovering from a sports injury. But do you know the kinds of foods that you need to eat for a quick recovery?

In this fascinating story, weight loss specialist Jen Thomas talks about the importance of the correct food and nutrients to help you recover. Whether it is a question of how many calories or how much protein, Thomas answers all your questions. Read the story here.

Why the Turkish get-up is the most versatile exercise

In the world of fitness, there are a few exercises which count as almost being an entire workout in themselves. One of the finest exercises in this category is the Turkish get-up. A versatile set of moves, the Turkish get-up helps to promote better mind-muscle connection, apart from working on your strength and balance.

In this engrossing step-by-step guide, writer Pulasta Dhar takes you through the exercise, and gives tips on how to do it in the correct form. As Dhar writes, “The exercise involves many individual movements, including the lunge, the raised arm in an isometric hold, the hip bridge, the cross-body movement of employing your left hand and right leg to lift.” As you can tell, this is an exercise you need to master right away!

Garmin Forerunner 265S review

In the world of sports tracking smart watches, nothing comes close to the usefulness and ruggedness of the Garmin Forerunner line. Recently, we saw the company launch the smaller and more compact Forerunner 265S, with a brand new AMOLED display.

In this in-depth review, writer Shrenik Avlani puts the watch through its paces to bring you a clear-eyed view of the pros and the cons of this cool new smart watch. Read the review here.

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