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3 great fitness tips to help you achieve your health goals

The weekly Lounge fitness roundup returns with some great tips on supplements and how to get toned legs

some great tips for a healthy weekend.
some great tips for a healthy weekend. (Unsplash/Cathy Pham)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup! Every Saturday, we bring you the pick of the fitness stories published by us, just in case you’ve missed them through the week. We want you to train well and achieve your fitness goals easily, and we think our stories will help you do that.

This week, we have some interesting stories for you, including a primer on how you should approach your nutrition goals after a workout, how companies can find interesting and innovative ways to keep employees healthy, and finally, the four things you must be mindful of when doing the leg press.

How do you fuel yourself when you start working out?

When you’re dedicated about achieving your fitness goals, you invariably come upon the importance of supplements. But the thing is, do you really need them? You might want to take them in order to help you recover, or to give a boost to your muscle building, but you may be going about it in an unscientific way.

As weight loss coach and writer Jen Thomas outlines in this fascinating article, the science behind the usefulness of fitness supplements is constantly being upgraded. There are certainly no one-size-fits-all solutions, and you should definitely not be ingesting them on the basis of non-professional advice. Read on to find out more.

Why companies should encourage employees to be fit

You may be interested in being fit, but maybe your interest runs only so far. But that’s ok, you don’t necessarily need elite athlete levels of fitness. But beware of one thing: no matter what you here, do not judge your health on the basis of the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Many companies often try to encourage their employees to shape up by setting BMI goals and then rewarding people who reach them. This is unscientific, and probably harmful. As Shrenik Avlani writes in this piece, what companies should be doing instead is to make fitness and wellness more inclusive by being mindful of the specific health needs of individual employees.

How to do the leg press correctly

In a gym, one of the most popular machines is the leg press machine. You’ll find plenty of people lining up to use one, and chances are, you have used it too, But have you done so in the correct way?

As Pulasta Dhar writes in this article, many fitness enthusiasts think that if you use a machine, it will do all your work for you. This cannot be farther from the truth. If you are doing the leg press with bad form, then all you will get out of it is injury. Read on to find out the four things you need to keep in mind in order to leg press properly.

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