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3 fitness hacks you need to try this weekend

It's the weekend, and on cue, the Lounge Fitness roundup is here to tell you how to improve your fitness

Get fit this weekend.
Get fit this weekend. (Istockphoto)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Lounge Fitness roundup. Every week, we bring you the best stories on fitness, wellness and training. And every weekend, we pick the highlights of our published stories for this roundup. Just in case you missed them the first time around.

At Lounge, we take your health very seriously, and we want you to get the best out of your training. This week, we have a story on how sleep can battle asthma, the importance of strength training, and why you need to train for speed.

How sleep and exercise can lower your risk of asthma

We all know that sleep is important. But how important? Well, sleep and rest is the secret sauce that ensures that you see the gains of your workout. Sleep is also important to maintain your optimal weight, overall fitness, and even mental health.

And, as writer Shrenik Avlani says, sleep also plays a vital role in battling asthma. In this fascinating story, he writes about new research that has found that people with poor sleep patterns are at a greater risk of suffering from asthma. Click here to read.

Why strength training is vital for marathon runners

The TCS World 10K marathon in Bengaluru is just around the corner, and running enthusiasts from around the country are gearing up for it. Generally speaking, running, especially over long, marathon distances, has become extremely popular in India, with more people participating every year.

In this story, Avlani asks a simple question: are you training correctly for the marathons? More specifically, are you spending enough time doing strength training? Because if you’re not, then you’re in trouble. Avlani speaks to runners and fitness coaches to tell you why. Click here to read.

Why your fitness depends on speed training

Most fitness enthusiasts do a mix of cardio and strength training every week. Some also add yoga to the mix. However, very few people train for speed, and that is the missing ingredient that needs to be rectified urgently.

As writer Pulasta Dhar writes in this piece, speed training is the thing that elevates the physical conditioning of athletes over that of a regular fitness enthusiast. But worry not, you could get there too. Click here to find out.

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