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Now, there's an award for the world's best bar design

Apart from aesthetics, judges will take note of innovative design, ergonomics and environmental impact

Design of a modern bar. (Photo: Victoria Rain, Pexels)
Design of a modern bar. (Photo: Victoria Rain, Pexels)

A bar is more than the cocktails it serves. The ambience is equally important for an unforgettable experience to secure guest loyalty. Bars create an environment for with music, light, seating, art and decor to carry forward their cocktail story. Since it’s a recipe for success the prestigious award platform Worlds 50 Best Bars introduced The Bareksten Best Bar Design Award this year. In a statement published on the website, the organisers say that it ‘has been created to reward bars across the globe for thoughtful design and will go beyond style and taste to hit touchpoints of accessibility, sustainability and appropriateness for its market.’

The bars will be judged on six distinct parameters, and as per the statement, they as as follows:  

“Innovation – does the design stand out and provide something new or unique to the bar world?

Aesthetics – a grading of the artistic value of the bar, including its design, shape, colour, texture, finish and engineering.

Accessibility – consideration of all guests’ access to all areas of the bar and its facilities, as well as an assessment of its safety for guests and staff.

Ergonomics – functionality of the bar space, including bar stations, access to fridges, the height of speed rail and access to back bar. How easy the bar is for guests to navigate and how smooth the flow is through its facilities.

Ecological compatibility – potential environmental and ecological impact of the bar, considering its use of materials and processes used in the build. How responsibly it uses energy and interacts with its environment. Essentially, is the bar built to stand the test of time?

Emotional quotient – in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does the design create a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction?”

Going by these factors, it is evident that careful attention has been paid to how the space is optimised for not just seating, but also seamless movement of guests as well as the bar team. Additionally, judges will pay attention to the designs’ impact on the environment. The results will be revealed on October 17 this year.

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