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Three coffee hacks for the perfect brew

Make better iced and warm coffees by adopting these viral hacks

Making coffee at home.
Making coffee at home. (Miriam Alonso, Pexels.)

Viral coffee hacks have taken the internet by storm, revolutionising how we brew and savour our beloved morning elixir. From whipped coffee, or Dalgona coffee, creating artful frothy peaks atop milk, to unique flavour infusions like caramel, these hacks infuse creativity into our daily routine. Master the perfect foam and make an artful cuppa with these viral hacks:

Elevate the Dalgona

Yes, there is such a thing. The creamy pheti-hui-coffee that became a rage in 2020 has made a comeback with a hack. Your tool of choice to upgrade Dalgona is—a metal sieve. Use the mesh part of the sieve, like an egg beater, to mix the sugar, coffee powder and water mixture. It’s a more effective way to yield a frothy blend compared to a spoon. Watch this video, and thank us later:

Use a French Press
Apart from brewing coffee, the handy French Press can step up your cappuccino game, and be used to make sangrias. Lounge did a story on the latter, so let’s stick to part that will appeal to caffeine-lovers. The versatile kitchen essential can be used to make milk more foamy. All you have to do is pour warm milk into it, pump several times and mix in with the decoction. Watch this video for the easy—and effective—coffee hack.

Elevate homemade iced coffees

The simple recipe for iced coffee involves taking the decoction and stirring in milk and ice. As you sip it, the drink starts to taste watered down because the ice begins to melt (and eventually lies ignored). To avoid this catastrophe, swap regular ice cubes with frozen coffee cubes. Top up your glass with coffee ice cubes whenever the need for iced coffee or cold brew kicks in, and enjoy to the fullest without compromising on the invigorating flavour of caffeine.

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