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Three places to get your morning coffee in Pune

From filter kaapi in South Indian restaurants to French Press in new cafés, Pune has something brewing for coffee devotees 

Cappuccino at Santé Spa Cuisine. (Photo: Neil Borate)
Cappuccino at Santé Spa Cuisine. (Photo: Neil Borate)

Coffee-lovers sometimes judge a place by the quality of its coffee. By this metric Pune scores well, and surprisingly so for a city whose traditional culture is more associated with tea. Here are 3 excellent coffee options for Pune.

Filter coffee at Wadeshwar

While Pune natives often swear by Vaishali and Roopali when it comes to South Indian cuisine, these restaurants sometimes become victims of their own success. Large lines form outside their flagship stores on Fergusson College Road on weekend mornings, making breakfast and coffee seem like an interminable wait. Instead, it is easier and quicker to pop into Wadeshwar, a chain of South Indian restaurants that has branched out densely across the city. Despite its many outlets, Wadeshwar remains true to its roots. A classic filter coffee at Wadeshwar is a great way to start a weekday. If you're really particular about which outlet, the Law College Road Wadeshwar scores high on my list.

Price before tax: 50

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Kahwa and Cappuccino at Santé Spa Cuisine

Santé Spa Cuisine, situated on Lane No 1, Koregaon Park is an excellent start to a long lazy weekend. Next door to the Osho community campus, the restaurant has a distinctly hipster or traveller vibe. Largely unknown to the breakfast crowd, Santé on Sundays is a quiet green place. With outdoor seating and gurgling fountains, the restaurant is great for a long lingering breakfast that must begin or end with a cappuccino. There are plenty of green teas and complex infusions on the menu, but a simple cappuccino at Santé can get your morning off to a happy start. For tea lovers, the kahwa (a tea originating in Kashmir) is a strong alternative. Non veg lovers take note, this is a vegetarian restaurant.

Price before tax: Kahwa - 160 for a single serve, 320 for a pot, Cappuccino - 150

French Press coffee at Barometer

Barometer, near City Pride Theatre in Kothrud is a hugely popular bar where getting a table in the evenings becomes next to impossible. Kothrud, once a sleepy residential suburb has sprung to life with restaurants, bars and even small pop-up home cafes. In the morning, while the drinkers are fast asleep after a night’s revelry, Barometer offers a delectable breakfast menu. A particular favourite of mine is French Press coffee for two, served in impeccable cutlery. Milk can be ordered on the side for free, allowing you to customize your coffee. You can follow it up with a traditional favourite among non-vegetarians - a full English breakfast or a healthy green salad or pizza, if you are a vegetarian.
Price before tax: 104

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