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5 new craft coffees to try this winter

Try speciality coffee roasted in small batches from Indore, Jodhpur and Kolkata

Try craft coffees from different corners of India.
Try craft coffees from different corners of India. ( Andrew Neel, Unsplash)

This weekend, the maximum city hosted the Mumbai Coffee Festival at the Jio World Drive. The sweet aroma of roasted arabica and robusta welcomed coffee aficionados to try a range of bold brews. There were canned options, steaming cups of pour overs and homegrown craft coffee packets for sale. The usual suspects, like Blue Tokai and Subko, were present; but it was the newer and smaller brands from different corners of the country that got visitors talking. Here are five new craft coffee options:

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Grey Soul Coffee
This Pune-based brand offers two different arabicas named Kohima Specialty and Cavery Yeast Carbonic Natural. The Kohima is a light roast and is laced with juicy fruit notes; the Cavery is a light roast with vibrant citrus flavours.

Tramways Coffee
This Kolkata based speciality coffee roasters had a range of speciality brews in eye-catching packaging. Their coffee named Downtown Funk has beans sourced from Kuttinkhan Lower Estate in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka. It is a medium roast infused with citrus and fruity notes. They have a selection of three blends including cold brew, the crowd-favourite Vietnamese, and a third named Tram #1 with medium-dark roast beans from two different estates.

Siolim Specialty Coffee Roasters
Going by the name, one would believe they are from Goa. Siolim is a bustling area in the coastal state. But, they are a roastery and café based in Indore. One of their most popular coffees is the punchy cranberry cold brew. They haven’t started selling packaged coffee as yet, but for those visiting the food city it would be a good idea to drop by.

First Crack Coffee Roasters
They are based in the blue city of Jodhpur, and have four different packaged coffee for sale. There’s the classic French Press coffee grind; the All Season coffee perfect for different manual brewing techniques; the indulgent Blue Beans with that brews a robust cup; and the IWB coffee that blends fruity and earthy flavours.

Soly Brewing Co.
They brought their select range of bottled cold brew coffees and iced teas from Delhi NCR. The cold brew coffee options include a classic version, a refreshing mint flavour and a delish vanilla. The iced teas, brewed from single origin teas in Sikkim, have a selection of three refreshing flavours: lemon and lime, forest berry and jamun.

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