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Katy Perry is on a mission to make mocktails fashionable

Katy Perry's brand, De Soi, offers healthier alternatives to alcohol with drinks that have notes of reishi mushrooms, Peruvian maca, tart cherry and passion flower 

De Soi's ‘Champignon Dreams’, a fruity beverage made from reishi mushroom and passion flower with notes of strawberries, grapefruit and earth. Photo: @drinkdesoi on Instagram

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Get ready to see more of singer Katy Perry’s non-alcoholic De Soi drinks. 

The sparkling aperitif is getting $4 million in seed funding, led by Willow Growth and Creative Artists Agency, the entertainment company that also represents Perry. De Soi will use the money to expand its retail business nationwide. 

Launched in January, De Soi was co-founded by Perry and Morgan McLachlan, the master distiller at Amass Spirits. The two met in early 2020 when they were both pregnant and looking for decent mocktails.  They came up with De Soi, an adaptogenic beverage that can give you the boozy feeling as an alternative to alcohol.

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“The non-alcoholic beverage market has seen tremendous growth over the past year as more consumers prioritize their health and wellness,” says Michael Yanover, head of business development at Creative Artists Agency LLC. He adds that the company is “thrilled to leverage CAA’s connectivity in bringing these elegant, better-for-you, non-alcoholic aperitifs to a wider base of consumers.”

The market for adult non-alcoholic drinks has  exploded over the past few years as people became more aware of physical and mental well-being during the covid-19 pandemic. The value of no-alcohol ready-to-drinks grew 54.5% globally to a little less than $200 million in 2021, according to the latest IWSR Drinks Market Analysis data, released in May. 

“I would define wellness as caring for yourself in the best way you know how without sacrificing life’s simplest pleasures, and that is exactly what we want to offer,” said Perry in a statement. "De Soi allows busy toddler-moms like Morgan and me, or anyone who just might want a drink without the hangover, to enjoy the social ritual of a drink with friends and still be the life of the party!”

In addition to stores like Erewhon, Foxtrot and Boisson, De Soi is now being stocked at several Total Wine & More stores in California. The company offers three flavors including Golden Hour, a zesty, citrusy drink with maca (Peruvian ginseng) and green tea extract for $25 for 4 cans or a bottle; Champignon Dreams, a fruity beverage made from reishi mushroom and passion flower with notes of strawberries, grapefruit and earth; and Purple Lune, an elixir with the flavor of tart cherry. The seed money is also being used to develop new flavors, according to a company spokesperson; they are still under wraps. 

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