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Inside Delhi's first experiential liquor store

Delhi Liquor Co. aims to make booze-buying a more seamless and safer experience

Assistant manager Sornali Santra can guide you on which brand to pick.
Assistant manager Sornali Santra can guide you on which brand to pick. (Courtesy Delhi Liquor Co.)

For women, the experience of buying alcohol is usually associated with silent stares or muted smiles. In Delhi, you might even get a puzzled look from the man behind the counter or the one in front (most probably both)—the one that screams “are you even supposed to be here?”

Delhi Liquor Co. in south Delhi’s DLF South Square Mall aims to make alcohol-buying a more seamless experience minus the unwelcome looks. The newly opened experiential store houses over 80 brands of liquor, from single barrel Bourbon to French malt whisky, beers, wines and 48-botanical gins, glassware and boardgames—all spread across a rectangular 3,000 sq.ft space.

There are two sections: One offers more fast-moving brands like Teacher’s and McDowell’s, while the larger section stocks premium labels like Glenlivet and Chandon.

In case you need help in selecting a whisky ideal for an aperitif or a cocktail for a soirée within a price point, Sornali Santra, the assistant manager, is there to guide. She can even help you decide which cheese or snack will go best with which drink. The in-house mixologist creates fresh ready-to-add cocktail mixers that can be packed. In case you aren’t interested in assistance, “tablet points” can guide you to the desired brand/bottle: just select and pay at the counter.

Their app, available on both the Apple and Google playstore, allows the customer to visit the store online and block a desired bottle for 5 hours, which can be then picked up from the store. During my visit, Santra informed that the store will soon have three automated vending machines for consumers who like to grab the product on the go. The idea is to make the whole experience simple and seamless, she says. “And, more importantly, comfortable.”

Delhi Liquor Co., DLF South Square Mall, Sarojini Nagar, Delhi, 10am-midnight. For details, visit

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