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Five vegan wines on World Vegan Day

A selection of reds, whites and rosés for vegans who love their vino

Vegan wines don't use animal-derived products during the making process. (iStockPhoto)
Vegan wines don't use animal-derived products during the making process. (iStockPhoto)

Pick a bottle of wine and read the label at the back. It will have information about the grape, flavour notes and ageing process, but in most cases there are no clear details on whether it’s vegan or vegan-friendly. One would assume that ‘no animals were harmed’ in making wine, but that’s not the whole truth. “In the process of filtration, just before the wine is bottled, animal proteins are added to clarify it,” explains Rohan Nihalani, founder of the Mumbai-based Morgan Beverages that retails premium wines. Animal proteins include egg whites, casein extracted from milk or isinglass which is boiled fish bladders. They quicken the filtration process especially in commercial wine-making, adds Nihalani.

Let’s take a step back. Traditionally, wine was made in small batches and it was a slow process. The liquid was allowed to rest for months so that the sediments could settle at the bottom and the tannins could mellow. But, commercial bulk production meant time-saving solutions and animal proteins meet this purpose. 

Vegan-friendly wines, says Nihalani, use a chemical named bentonite instead of animal-derived products. It doesn’t affect the look, aroma and taste of the wine in any way. The other non-animal-derived products include silica gel, limestone and plant casein.

To know if a wine is vegan, as per PETA, look for the stamp of approval from BevVeg! which is a certification company specialising in beverages. The certified vegan logo from is recognised widely too. A wine which is considered vegan-friendly implies it will not be certified, but the manufacturer has specified that is vegan.  

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Here is a list of vegan and vegan-friendly wines available in India:

1.Pinot Grigio Rosé, Paladin
The salmon-hued dry Italian rosé is perfect for the festive season. It has fruity and floral notes of violet and forest berries. 
Available on

2. Reveilo Wines
A year ago, the Nashik-based Reveilo wines introduced a collection of vegan wines with a variety of red and white options. The intense ruby-coloured Sangiovese pairs well with Indian dishes. 
Available in wine shops and

3. Yalumba, The Y Series
This luscious wine from South Australia is not only vegan, but also follows sustainable production practices. The Shiraz with spicy notes and ripe tannins will make for a perfect festive gift. 

Available on

4. The Daily Dose, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016
The single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is a fruit-forward wine from Maharashtra. They label has a quirky illustration of the wine-making process which has proven to be a crowd pleaser.
Available on

5. Boekenhoutskloof, The Wolftrap White 2019
The white wine from South Africa has a complex flavour profile with hints of pineapple, peach melba and stone fruit. A touch of oak gives it a well rounded finish.
Available on

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