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Your wine list for the new year

A selection of six fine wines—from red, white, sparkling to rosé—to suit every occasion and budget

To pick a quality wine, get to know the producer.
To pick a quality wine, get to know the producer. (Photo by Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay)

With every passing year, the thirst for good wines is seeing an upward tick among Indians. But with shelves upon shelves of wines to choose from, how do you know which wine is worth your money or will suit your taste?

While budget is a crucial factor in picking wines, it isn’t a reliable marker of quality. So, if you want to buy a good quality wine, focus on the wine producer, not the price. Wine is also a very versatile beverage, as a result of which you can choose from different styles and expressions, depending on your mood or the occasion. From light and refreshing wines perfect for Sunday brunches to bold and intense wines that’ll challenge your palate, there’s so much to choose from. You can also buy wine based on what food you plan to serve it with, and thanks to the versatility of Indian cuisine it pairs quite well with different styles of wine.

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Here's a list of six wines to suit every occasion and budget. 

Taittinger Brut Reserve NV
Nothing says celebration like a glass of Champagne and if you have a special occasion or milestone on the way in 2024, then this crispy and zesty bubbly is a great choice. Traditionally, Champagne is made with caviar, but crunchy, rich and oily Indian dishes like Fried Fish or Vegetable Pakoras also make for a great pairing with this sparkly.

Price: 8,500 in Mumbai

Palliser Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2022
If trying different styles of exciting wines is your resolution for the new year, then this offering from Palliser Estate has to be on your list. This crisp and racy wine is a natural match for seafood preparations like prawn malai curry. However, it will also pair well with a green vegetable dish like palak paneer, thanks to its herby notes.
Price: 2,950 in Mumbai

Château la Mascaronne Côtes de Provence Rosé 2021 
Planning to host parties with guests ranging from wine novices, casual wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts in 2024? You will need something which pleases all sorts of wine palates. This Provence rosé is well-balanced, crisp and dry, and it pairs with a wide variety of Indian dishes, be it a tangy bhel puri or spicy prawn balchao.
Price: 5,750 in Mumbai

Buena Vista North Coast Pinot Noir 2020
A great wine for celebrations, big or small, this elegant Californian delight is highly enjoyable due to its bright fruit-forward notes. Since it has subtle notes of spices, like cinnamon, it goes well with lightly spiced Indian dishes, like a tender murgh makhani or a flavourful and creamy dal bukhara.
Price: On Request

Fratelli Wines 'Sette' 2022
This wine has won multiple awards in both India and outside of it, and is one of the most admired wines in the country right now. This is the wine of choice for connoisseurs who have resolved to refine their palate in 2024. You can pair it with flavour-packed meat preparations like rogan josh or an earthy mushroom masala.
Price: 2,000 in Mumbai

Killibinbin Scaredy Cat 2016 
With interesting names and intriguing labels, Killibinbin offers a series that is perfect for wine parties. So if you are looking for something bold and interesting for a get together, then the 2016 Scaredy Cat is just for you. This Cabernet Sauvignon demands to be paired with flavour-packed Indian dishes like a richly spiced seekh kebab or a hearty rajma masala.
Price: 5,410 in Mumbai

Sonal C Holland MW is India's only Master of Wine and founder of Sonal Holland Wine Academy and SoHoWines Consulting LLP in Mumbai. She is also the chairperson and founder of India Wine Awards.

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