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9 recipes for mango drinks to keep you cool all summer

Homemade Frooti, squash and shakes with the season’s favourite fruit

The mango pulp is versatile ingredient for summer drinks. (Jyoti Singh, Unsplash)

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Raise a toast to summer with a glass full of mango juice. Or, how about a thick shake, instead? Or, maybe a chilled mango mojito? With summer’s favourite fruit, the possibilities are endless. Here are nine recipes to show how you can use the custardy pulp to sweeten the deal.

Nutty mango milkshake
Let’s begin with the simplest recipe. A three-minute mango drink enriched with almonds, cashews and pistas is a complete meal in a glass. Serve it for breakfast.

Vegan mango shake
Homemade cashew milk is the perfect substitute for dairy. The recipe recommends using water stored in a matka which is believed to be cooling for summer. Blitz these with mangoes, mint and liquid jaggery for a refreshing—and healthy—summer drink.

Multitasking mango squash
This is the kind of recipe one needs to extend mango season. The squash can be refrigerated for six months and used for a variety of drinks and desserts, like popsicles. Sanjyot Keer details how to preserve it well, just like professional chefs. Then he goes on to demonstrate four delightful recipes with the squash—a juice that tastes like Frooti, shake, iced tea and popsicles. Bookmark this video on YouTube to make the most of summer.

Mango smoothie with a twist
Chef Kunal Kapur is full of ideas to elevate ingredients. For instance, in this recipe, he recommends using a smidgen of fresh rosemary. He adds a pinch of cardamom powder too. Green cardamom with its mild minty and sweet flavour notes matches perfectly with India’s king of fruits. It is to mangoes what cinnamon is to apples. Topped with cooling chia seeds, it’s another great breakfast option for summer.

Three ways with mango mojito
A few spoonfuls of mango pulp are enough to make a variety of mojitos. These drinks contain mint and lemon juice, a combination that acts as a potent antidote to the sweltering heat. Chef Varun Inamdar shows three mojito mocktails containing green chillies, rose water and the umami-rich black salt. To turn them into summer cocktails, add a dash of vodka.

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