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6 recipes for cold coffee that taste like summer

Cold coffee is basically a dessert-in-a-glass for grown-ups, and here are many ways to make it

Cold coffee for sultry summers. (Pixabay)
Cold coffee for sultry summers. (Pixabay)

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Café Coffee Day may not have the best cappuccino, but their Frappuccino tastes like budget-crunched and carefree college days. In the spirit of nostalgia and sultry summers, stock up the fridge with ice cream, ensure there’s lots of ice and grab a bottle of instant coffee powder to whip up cold coffee at home. Don’t forget some cocoa powder, which can be substituted with Bournvita or chocolate Horlicks.

Three ways with cold coffee
Chef Kunal Kapur shares essential wisdom: For extra light and airy cafe-style cold coffee, blend well. He shows how to make a classic cold coffee with ice cream. Then proceeds to prepare a Frappuccino with ice cubes blended and broken into tiny pieces, and the end result is a drink that tastes like something straight out of a desi barista. There’s a fancy salted caramel version too which is slightly time consuming, and would be perfect for the weekend. But, if you can get your hands on readymade caramel, it can be done in a jiffy.

Two recipes without ice cream
Fret not, if there’s no ice cream at home. Cold milk, some ice cubes and a spoonful of milk powder will add the rich creamy flavour—almost. There’s another variation of cold coffee with Bournvita which is a genius hack. It can be substituted with chocolate Horlicks too. It has a more pronounced flavour of cocoa and the malty texture will enhance the drink.

Spiked coffee
This recipe doesn’t stick to the syllabus, but a story about drinks isn’t complete without a bit of booze. It’s a tipsy coffee milkshake with heaps of ice cream and two types of spirits—coconut rum, vodka and Kahlua or any coffee liqueur. The recipe says vanilla vodka, but if you have plain vodka, add a dash of vanilla separately. The recipe mentions coffee ice cream as the best option. This trick is gold and it can be used to make the very best kind of cold coffee. Salud!


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