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3 Gin & Tonic recipes that make for a relaxing after-work drink

These easy-to-stir cocktails, which feature aromatics and big bold spices, promise to ease out the pressures of a long day at work with each sip

Gin & Tonic recipes to add a refreshing touch to your day. Photo: Pixabay

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A new week beckons, bringing with it a whole series of challenges, work-related pressures and deadlines. Why not relax after a long tiring day with a chilled glass of G&T, which can be stirred up using some rather simple recipes? Stranger and Sons Gin, which showcases India’s agricultural diversity, has come up with some cocktails made with two limited edition gins. These have been created in collaboration with Four Pillars distillery Australia. The drinks celebrate the essence of spices and produce from both the countries—turmeric, long pepper, red chilli and black cardamom from India; lemon myrtle, river mint and anise myrtle from Australia.

Trading Tides G&T


60ml gin

120ml light tonic water

1 pink grapefruit wedge


Keep a tall/highball glass in the freezer to chill (can be done a few hours prior). Pour 60 ml of gin. Add ice and top with 120ml light tonic water. Give it a light stir, garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit and serve immediately.

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Flora Dora


60ml gin

5 fresh raspberries

10ml fresh lime juice

120ml dry ginger ale


Place three raspberries in a highball glass and add gin. Fill the glass with ice and add dry ginger ale. Gently stir so that the raspberries do not float to the top. Garnish with two raspberries and serve immediately

Give it a Goa


50ml gin

15ml fresh lime juice

15ml sugar syrup

Two one-inch cubes plus one wedge of watermelon

Six curry leaves


Place watermelon cubes at the base of a highball glass and gently press with a bar spoon. Add a small amount of crushed ice, then add the gin, lime juice, sugar syrup, four curry leaves and churn with a bar spoon. Top up with more crushed ice. Garnish with a watermelon wedge and remaining curry leaves.

Note: To crush ice, place cubes in a dry tea towel and break with a rolling pin. Ice should be flakey, but not wet.

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