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10 hot chocolate mixes that feel like a warm hug in a mug

Thick, creamy, spiced hot chocolate—with pillowy marshmallows—is just what the season ordered

Hot chocolate is the most indulgent winter beverage. (Sam Hojati, Unsplash)
Hot chocolate is the most indulgent winter beverage. (Sam Hojati, Unsplash)

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’Tis the season of indulgence and a warm mug of hot chocolate is guaranteed to leave you with that fuzzy festive feeling. Whether you want a luscious thick cocoa drink, a zesty spicy variation or a vegan option, these premixes spell comfort in every way.

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1. Hot chocolate mixes from Le15
The patisserie brand has a whole range of hot chocolate blends for Christmas—classic, salted caramel, mocha and spiced. Each box contains two sachets that need to be stirred in with milk for two servings, and will be ready in minutes.

Price: Starts from 250 per box
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2. Mason & Co Organic Drinking Chocolate
The blend of organic cocoa powder and cane sugar makes a steaming cup of rich hot chocolate.
Price: 430 for 200 gm
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3. Masala chai hot cocoa mix from Toska artisan chocolate
This bean-to-bar chocolate brand joined hands with food consultant firm and blog for a chai and cocoa mix that makes this delicious desi blend.
Price: 390
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4. Cocosutra hot chocolate 
Their delish mixes comes in varied flavours; from Swiss vanilla, mocha, caramel and hazelnut. Each makes for an indulgent cup.
Price: 425 for a pack of 4.
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5. Nutty Yogi Rich Dark Hot Chocolate 60%
With 60% dark chocolate, this straightforward drink contains a blend of Peruvian cocoa powder, organic coconut sugar and pinch of pink salt. Apart from regular milk, it will taste yummy with almond milk.
Price: 189 
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6. Make Your Own - Assorted Hot Chocolate Mix
Belgian chocolate available in flavours of hazelnut, coffee, cinnamon and dark chocolate. 
Price: 450 for 250 gms
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7. Urban Platter Vegan Hot Chocolate Premix 
With soya milk powder, cocoa powder, icing sugar and vanillin powder, this blend is tailor-made for vegans. 
Price: 395 for 250 gms
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8. 55% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate from Paul & Milk
Cocoa beans, cocoa butter and muscovado sugar go into this classic for a heartwarming cup. 
Price: 435
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9. Hot chocolate mix from Tiggle
They have three varieties—jaggery, dark and light—and each packet makes 10 cups of this comforting winter beverage.
Price: 279 – 329 for a pack of 10 cups
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10. Stir it up—Hot chocolate on a stick from Smoor
This fun box comes with six different flavours of hot chocolate in a stick, like a lolly-pop. All you have to do is stir a cup of hot milk with the chocolate stick.  
The flavours include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mocha and chocolate, extra dark chocolate, honey and chocolate, and mint and chocolate.
Price: 495
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