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What India ate in 2023, as per Swiggy's annual report

Biryani continues to be the most loved food item, and an user from Mumbai spent 42.3 lakh on the app this year

Pizza parties were popular during the World Cup.
Pizza parties were popular during the World Cup. (Freepik)

The food ordering app, Swiggy India, released its annual report today. The survey period was from January 1 to November 23. Biryani continues to be the most popular dish eighth year in a row, and there were 4.3 lakh biryani orders on the first day of the year. The report notes, “A Biryani-loving family in Chandigarh ordered 70 plates in a single go during the nail-biting India Vs. Pak World Cup match in October. Swiggy was clocking over 250 Biryani orders per minute during this match.”

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Pizza was another food item that rated high during the World Cup, as people sought convenience and taste over everything else during meal times. On November 19, the day of the finals between India and Australia, 188 pizzas were ordered per minute. Apart from the cricket season, a household in Bhubaneswar bought 207 pizzas in a day. Clearly, it is the one food item that is loved by all.

One would believe that Korean food is immensely popular, however it doesn’t beat sushi and ramen. Japanese food items witnessed 2x more orders compared to Korean dishes.

This year, a Mumbaikar spent 42.3 lakh, only on food orders on the app, and the most orders came in from Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. The Dineout feature that offers smart discounts clocked in high numbers too. A user from Hyderabad saved 5.58 lakh by leveraging discounts while eating out; someone from Ahmedabad dined out 300 times; and a Delhiite clocked the highest bill of 3,00,149 at a restaurant using Swiggy’s Dineout feature.

There were some surprise findings. Gulab Jamuns with over 7.7 million orders trumped those of roshogollas’ during Durga Pujo this year. Apart from these, going by the report, Indians love chocolate cake. The highest number of chocolate cakes were ordered on May 14, which is Mother’s Day. Bengaluru emerged as the cake capital of India with 8.5 million chocolate cake orders. On Valentine’s Day, 271 cakes were ordered per minute. A Nagpur-based user ordered 92 cakes in a single day.

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