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Make a reservation at these places to relish an Onam Sadya

Restaurants and delivery kitchens across cities are offering lavish spreads and special takeaway menus

The Onam sadya spread at Sana di ge in Delhi.
The Onam sadya spread at Sana di ge in Delhi.

The festive season of India, in all its gastronomic glory, starts from mid-August. Last Sunday marked the beginning of the 10-day Onam celebrations that will culminate next week. Restaurants and delivery kitchens around the country are gearing up to celebrate the festival by offering the lavish Onam Sadya. What sets this meal apart is its intricate balance of tastes—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy—all harmoniously combined to create a delightful experience. Make a reservation at these places and don’t miss out on this annual culinary extravaganza:

Sana di ge, Delhi

Begin the meal with sambharam (a spicy buttermilk), and go on to feast on upperi (banana chips), thoran, avial, olan and channa dal payasam. Be sure to accompany each bite with crispy papadams.

Date: 28-31 August

Time: Lunch 12.30-3 pm and dinner 7-0.30 pm

Price: 1399

For reservations, contact +9140507777, +8197590773, +9167885275

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Nair on Fire, Mumbai

The delivery-only kitchen has a six-course superfood sadya which reimagines the traditional menu with millets, farm fresh produce and black rice. One of their many Onam payasams will be prepared with black rice. The mains include farm-fresh amla and cucumber pachadi, moringa pulissary, and chicken for non-vegetarians. The five payasamspalada (prepared with rice flakes and milk), black rice, ada pradhaman (with rice flakes and coconut milk), aravana (red rice), and Parippu (with moong dal)—can be bought separately as gifts.

Date: August 26, 27 and 29
Price: On request
For queries and pre-booking, contact: + 91 93240 59522

Kappa Chakka Kandhari, Chennai and Bengaluru

With 26 dishes prepared by cooks from Kerala, Kappa Chakka Kandhari offers an extravagant Onam feast. The fulfilling spread is available for dine-in as well as takeaway. But, that’s not all. The payasams can be bought separately as sweets treats. And, if you are looking for something more, there’s the Onam Gift Box with four different payasams (500 ml each of ada pradhaman, chakka pradhaman, payaru (green gram) payasam and palada); four special pickles (200 gms pack of manga achar (mango pickle), naranga achar (lemon pickle), nellika achar (amla pickle) and inji puli (tamarind chutney)); four varieties of traditional Kerala chips, (100 gm packs of chena (yam) chops, nendrakai nuruku (banana chips), sharkara varatty (banana chips coated with jaggery) and pavakka kondattam (bitter gourd chips)). Be sure to make advance bookings.

Date: August 28-29
Time: Lunch only 

Price: 1190 for dine in; 5750 for Onasadhya Feast In a Box; 400 for 500 ml of payasam for takeaway; 3000 (including taxes) for Onam Gift box. All prices are inclusive of taxes. 

For reservations, visit,

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