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3 party food and drinks menus to close the year

From special edition beers to wholesome chicken pies, here are party menus to end the year on a delicious note

Bira 91 Taproom's new menu with bar bites and fresh beer.
Bira 91 Taproom's new menu with bar bites and fresh beer.

In a few hours, the new year will arrive, filled with endless possibilities. Make the last meal of 2023 a grand feast by visiting, or ordering from these restaurants:

Radisson Hotels, across cities

The festive menu continues with a traditional roasted turkey flavours with lemon and garlic and served with pumpkin mash, sauté winter vegetable, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce). There’s a hearty serving of Lamb Wellington that comes with roasted tuber root vegetable and walnut ratafia sauce; and an appetising bowl of Bibimbap with warm white rice served with Asian vegetable and topped with a fried egg and gochujang sauce. Don’t miss out on he new year buffets with South-east Asian delicacies comprising their signature Peking Duck and piping hot Thai curries.

Price for one: 5000 onwards

The Bhawanipur House, Kolkata

At the modern premium dining restaurant in the city of joy, opt for their creamy Tuscan potato to the with the middle-eastern brad Lahme. For those looking for a healthy-ish meal, idea the Mediterranean Buddha bowl with quinoa that gets a festive twist with vibrant vegetables. Fish lovers will enjoy their succulent signature TBH Grilled Fish. For a sweet treat, don’t miss out on their seasonal specials, like the devil chocolate cake and warm apple crumble tart.

Price for two: 1000 onwards

Bira 91 Taproom, Delhi and Bengaluru
The taproom has a special winter menu conceptualised by chef Vicky Ratnani that pairs food with beers.They have a comforting old school chicken pie and wide range of pub grubs, such as wholesome burgers and innovative snacks like crispy chicken tortilla balls. In the celebratory spirit of the festive season, they have launched to limited edition special brews: the sweet and sour Tamarind Ale, and the peppery Styrian Ale.

Price for two: 3000 + taxes
Drinks starting from 249 + taxes

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