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A pop-up to try, a new menu to sample and a restaurant to visit this weekend

Burma Burma opens in Ahmedabad, a pop-up with pincodes of each dish comes to Mumbai, and Shilpa Shetty's pizza café has a new menu

A selection of dishes at Burma Burma, Ahmedabad.
A selection of dishes at Burma Burma, Ahmedabad. (Assad Dadan)

What’s new Ahmedabad?
Mumbai boy Ankit Gupta, inspired by the food prepared by his Burmese mother, started a Burmese restaurant along with his childhood friend, Chirag Chhajer, in the city in 2014. They called it Burma Burma, and it now has branches across several cities in India. Last month they opened in Ahmedabad with a menu featuring Samosa soup, street style Burmese falooda, the beloved khowsuey, a range of zero proof cocktails, bubble teas and artisanal ice creams made in-house that include flavours like Dark Chocolate and Olive, Avocado and Honey, Caramelized Chocolate and Cheese Honeycomb and more.
For reservations, call on 099202 40800

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Want to try Pahadi aloo foam?
Shilpa Shetty’s pizza cafe, Bizza in Mumbai has launched a new menu with range of options for antipasti, salads and hearty mains. Bizza Fried Chicken with garlic-chilli mayo, Fritto Misto with calamari-red shrimp, and Truffle Bruschetta with burrata-truffle paste. Explore fresh salads like Baby Carrot with chili-yogurt, Tomato with cottage cheese-basil, and Fennel with maple dressing. The mains include comforting dishes, like Oven-Baked Pappardelle. There’s an innovative take with an Indian spin with dishes like Brussels Sprouts which has corn puree, roasted sprouts, Pahari aloo foam and a special seasoning. 

For reservations, call on 89769 53365 

This menu is an address book
Chef Kunal Kapur’s restaurant Pincode, with branches in Delhi and Dubai, has an interesting menu featuring Indian dishes with pincodes in their names to suggest their place of origin. For example, there’s Green Chilli Paratha 493992, Chur Chur Naan 143001, Dhokla Chaat 380009, Amritsari Bhatti da Murgh 143001 and Ram Laddoo Chaat 110001. This weekend, he is bringing these dishes and much more for a pop-up, Pincodes to Plates, in Mumbai at Virat Kohli’s Juhu restaurant one8 Commune.
Dates: 1-3 September
For reservations, call on 8108401818 and 8108411818

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