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New year, new menus in Mumbai

Go on a gastronomic trip with sake, strawberries and charred carrots at The Bombay Canteen, Mizu Izakaya and Saz American Brasserie

(Left) Strawberries and cream at The Bombay Canteen; and middle eastern fattoush toast at Saz American Brasserie.
(Left) Strawberries and cream at The Bombay Canteen; and middle eastern fattoush toast at Saz American Brasserie.

It has been a week into the new year, and restaurant kitchens have busied themselves by churning out fresh menus. Vegetable and fruit markets in Mumbai are coloured with strawberries, carrots and turnips. Inevitably, these have entered the menus of some of the most popular restaurants. If you are looking for new food experiences in the new year, reserve a table at these places.

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The Bombay Canteen’s winter menu

The winter menu promises warmth with dishes like chicken jhol momos, Jodhpuuri pyaz kulcha and black carrot toffee pudding. It celebrates winter with seasonal produce that go into charred gobi hummus, turnip tikki chaat and an innovative take on strawberries and cream—a special sweet treat in Maharashtra during this time of the year. A signature side dish is the Canteen Lardo Naan. It’s made with sourdough and is served with the umami-ish lardo that contains cured pig fat, feni, chilli peppers and black peppers smoked over coconut husk and hay. This special naan gets a winter twist with Stracciatella cheese, guava cheese, hau chilli from Northeast India, Naga hot honey and candied walnuts. The dessert section is a nod to seasonal finds with strawberry and cream that draws inspiration from daulat ki chaat. The Black Carrot Toffee Pudding comes with creamy persimmon and whiskey ice cream, and drizzled with a cardamom custard sauce. And, the signature Guava Tan-Ta-Tan has red chilli ice cream with guava caramel.

Mizu Izakaya’s third anniversary celebration

The contemporary Japanese dining space introduces the Dai San menu. The name, Dai San, loosely translates to the number three in Japanese. It marks the third year of the popular Japanese restaurant with a selection of dishes that combine its most popular classics, chef Lakhan Jethani’s newest experiments with food and sakes that could make you wish for a trip to the land of the rising sun. One of the most comforting dishes is the soupy shumai (dumpling). To serve the dish, a small portable stove is placed on the table, a bowl with the dumplings swimming in broth is placed on it, and it’s turned on to heat the broth. The bubbling broth along with the dumplings are served in bowls to relish with much pleasure. Chef Jethani, pastry chef Nikhil Menon and mixologist Avantika Malik have crafted the menu with much thought. Menon put together a large falooda-like serving of Japanese milk tea parfait with boba, pudding and milk tea ice cream. Mallik has a selection of sublime sakes; there’s one with yuzu that tastes like sparkling wine, and another is the elegant Kyoto Jitate Junmai Sake made with the famous underground water from Fushimi.

Saz American Brasserie’s breakfast special
The casual dining place located in the business district of Bandra Kurla Complex has introduced a breakfast menu. It’s perfect for those looking for a quick bite before a morning meeting. The breakfast service, from 8-10 am, offers a selection of open toasts, healthy bowls, yogurt jars, pancakes, savoury waffles and eggs made to order. There’s a decadent Preserved Bacon and Philadelphia Cheese Waffle with bacon onion marmalade, cream cheese and Parma ham; and smoked duck and porcini omelette. The selection of healthy bowls includes coconut and chia bowl, acai bowl among others.

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