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Where to eat and drink in Mumbai this weekend

A high-on-flavour dinner with Singapore's top chefs at Masque, an anniversary celebration at Bayroute, and a new cosy eatery in Bandra are on the menu this weekend

A dish from Labyrinth (left); and Euphoria.
A dish from Labyrinth (left); and Euphoria. (@MasqueRestaurant, Instagram)

Singapore in the city

Two of Singapore’s top restaurants will be at Masque in Mumbai for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Chef Jason Tan is the first and only Singaporean chef to be awarded the Michelin Star four years in a row. In his restaurant Euphoria, ranked 25 on the list of Asia’s 50 Best, he has adopted ‘gastro-botanica’ as an approach to cooking. The idea is to extensively use plants and give them a pride of place, just as proteins. Chef LG Han runs the restaurant Labyrinth which is placed at 11 on Asia’s 50 Best. His menu draws from his memories of growing up in Singapore. Finally, there’s chef Varun Totlani of Masque whose reimagined Indian dishes are known to stir nostalgia and wonder. The trio will host two immersive dinners at Masque on October 21 and 22 that will get you high on flavour.

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A celebratory menu

A selection of dishes from the anniversary menu at Bayroute.
A selection of dishes from the anniversary menu at Bayroute.

The city’s popular Mediterranean restaurant Bayroute completes five years, and has launched a special anniversary menu. It encompasses five countries (Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Persia) and will be available for five weeks. On offer, there are Turkish Baked Jacket Potato, layered with light, soft, whipped mashed potatoes, smoked cheese topped with herby, flavourful labneh. The dessert menu has Egyptian semolina cake with coconut flakes dipped in sweet-and-sour orange and rose syrup, served with a light lemon cream and saffron caviar. The drinks menu offers cocktails inspired by the five countries. Consider the traditional Egyptian hibiscus tea of Karkadeh, which gets a boozy twist with gin and a fruity finish with homemade peach boba; the drink named Santorini combines the aperitif ouzo from Greece, with coconut, strawberry and a hint of banana; and the creamy rum-based tipple Let’s Date is made with smoked medjool dates from Lebanon.

New in town

Wild Mushroom Pepper Fry (left); and coconut pudding from Kari Alpa.
Wild Mushroom Pepper Fry (left); and coconut pudding from Kari Alpa. ( @kari.apla, Instagram)

Fancy Indian dishes with sodas and speciality coffee? Bandra has a new cozy eatery, Kari Alpa, with dishes like Wild Mushroom Pepper Fry inspired by Kerala’s toddy shops served with fresh pav, chicken sukke and coconut pudding from a Syrian Christian home. The restaurant is the brainchild of chefs and husband-wife duo Mathew Varghese who hails from Kerala and worked at Comorin in Gurugram, and Ebaani Tewari who was with Bastian in Mumbai. The restaurant opened four days ago.

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