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Treat yourself to delectable monsoon menus in Mumbai

These curated menus offer everything from healthy vegan meals to special cocktails

The monsoon fare at Seeds of Life cafe.
The monsoon fare at Seeds of Life cafe.

Monsoon has officially arrived in India. What better way to enjoy this weather than by indulging in monsoon-special food and drinks? These five restaurants in Mumbai have curated exclusive menus that are sure to satisfy every craving, from flavourful tapas to soupy Maggi.  

Small plates underneath the clouds 

At Poco Loco in Khar, food and ambience go hand in hand. The restaurant offers outdoor seating with a transparent covering so you can enjoy the full effect of the rain without the hassle of being rain-soaked. Dig into perfectly toasted creamy corn bruschetta and delicious fried croquettes. The restaurant offers Mexican fare too, with chimichangas and burrito bowls.  

Where: Poco Loco Tapas & Bar, Khar 

Price:  650 for one 

Contact: +91 9324191366 

Crunchy snacks for the weather 

Someplace Else, BKC has specially curated snacks for the monsoons. Enjoy spoonfuls of warm and creamy corn chowder while snacking on ragi and coriander crunchies, which are the perfect bite-sized accompaniments. Sweetened popped amaranth will be a great snack while waiting for the rain to subside.  

Where: Someplace Else, BKC 

Price: From  325 onwards 

Contact: +91 8356984990 

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Savour the rain with some comfort food 

Nothing is better than slurping steaming hot noodles while it pours. Hitchki, with outlets in BKC and Powai, brings their special monsoon menu featuring Maggi, which will make you feel like you’re on a chilly hilltop enjoying the rain. Pair the pahadi style noodles with the pav bhaji sliders for a perfect meal.  

Where: Hitchki, with outlets in Powai and BKC 

Price: From  270 onwards 

Contact: Powai: +91 8291788008 

BKC: +91 8655911384 

Plant-based delights on a rainy day 

Are you vegan? Stick to your diet of choice at the Seeds of Life outlets (in Bandra and Juhu) which offers an array of soups and sandwiches for the rainy season. Exclusive burgers are available with patties made out of pulled jackfruit and tofu quinoa. For those seeking a more wholesome meal, the restaurant has falafel pizza, Bombay masala toast, and arrabbiata pasta.  

Where: Seeds of Life, outlets in Bandra and Juhu 

Price:  500 for one 


Juhu: +91 8591882863 

Bandra: +91 9652226089 

Stay warm with these rain-soaked refreshments 

Sip on some exclusive cocktails curated by the team at Out of the Blue, Bandra. The first cocktail, titled Love at First Sight, combines vodka, and sparkling wine with the tropical flavours of passion fruit and pineapple. The sweet and tangy flavours will surely cheer you up during the gloomy weather. The Expresso Martini has the perfect balance of espresso, vodka, and coffee liqueur. The two cocktails are perfect to sample while catching up with friends.  

Where: Out of the Blue, Bandra 

Price:  555 for one 

Contact: +91 9324839393 

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